Ledger storage at the bank - max frosty?


I have a box at a local branch of BofA, BofA owns ML and they are both hostile to Bitcoin.

Are people keeping cold wallets and seed keys in Bank Safe Deposit boxes?

Is there a comprehensive set of best practices for custody of 100k+ BTC?


plug it mate always safest and u have the benefit of crossing boarders with it there just apply a little lube


sounds very european


ultimately I’m opting for a massive gun safe bolted into a concrete floor, with homeowners insurance
Bank of America can go fuck itself TBH


That’s what I am in the process of doing. I keep my ledger on me but the seed is in a safe deposit box. Worst case if i lose or damage the ledger, I spend another $90 and restore it.

I think the main idea is to keep the 2 apart from each other and guard the words with the best possible means.


The seed may be safer and easier to keep then the Ledger. I trust the seed more than I trust the Ledger to stand up to physical access attacks.


Yes but the seed unless on crypto steel is a piece of paper. With ink that can smear or become not legible. I think the words belong in a safe deposit box.

Not to mention, if someone finds the crypto steel, you are also out of luck.


They belong in pieces in multiple boxes over different banks and jurisdictions.


Greg T -

so the philosophy is hold your own ledger, but use the bank for a really good hiding place for the seed. I think I’m going to do exactly this.



That’s my plan. :+1:

(Unless you are a reckless guy and do upside down keg stands/may lose the ledger)


ya, I agree - Im going with the seed in the box, ledger in safe plan…

a little redundancy is better than the none I have now


when I say on me, I mean in a gun safe…


I guess that could work too…


carrying around a bunch of BTC on your person, all the time seems impractical, but you might be a special forces high alert 24/7 kinda guy~


Which I am. :sunglasses:

I think regardless of the ledger, the most important part is that seed.


and don’t write the PIN on the ledger d00d

I’m just saying that because someone is gonna show up on this thread 5yrs from now who thinks that’s a clever idea


that never occurred to me but ya, no


“Hide your words under the biggest mountain you can find”


:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Just write the words on your hand. You’ll be ok.


penis tat, before someone else says it