Ledger storage at the bank - max frosty?


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@Blynker has recently shared an exellent bite of information on how to secure your crypto assets.

This includes but is not limited to owning 2 HW wallets, splitting your mnenomic in multiple pieces and storing them in an encrypted format on multiple Online Storages or at an safety box, lawyer, escrow and a few more steps.

One thing I would add if your seed is written on a paper, buy a laminator for $15 in order to preserve your paper.

The full list of recommended actions items is available here Click Me

If you take any additional steps or see concerns with the outlined steps mentioned on the link, let’s help everyone to secure their assets!


Thank you… we used to say at McAfee, the best security is a good policy, one of the truer things ever said in security IMHO


Let’s hope $1 million bitcoin is one of the truer things mcaffe ever said :crossed_fingers:t2:


What’s everyones opinion about step 8 on their recommendations?

  1. Set up one of the Ledger Nano S purchased from step 1 and protect your mnemonic as follows:
  • Split your 24-character mnemonic into 2 parts.
  • Encrypt both parts with any tool of your choosing, then store the encryption keys in 1Password.
  • Get 4 storage services that support 2FA. Good options include Google Drive, AWS S3, GitHub (BitBucket) private repo, and Dropbox.
  • Enable 2FA on all four of them and store the OTP 2FA seeds in Authy.
  • Put one part of the encrypted mnemonic in 2 of the storage services, and the other part in the remaining 2.

I keep thinking, whether to store 1) it at the bank in a laminated form only or 2) store it a the bank AND as a backup on a Online Storage Service.


Let banks be salty, I doubt any of them seen a Ledger or Trezor.
To them, they will think it is just a fancy USB drive.

Best if you can split the private key or the recovery phrase.
If you want to cheap out and just hold 1 bank box, use Windows Bitlocker.
You can also split the Bitlocker recovery key too.

Large home safes in open view make great decoys?
A micro SD in a junk draw… hmmm