Ledger wallet Ethereum


I know its possible to store tokens that where made on the ETH blockchain on MEW…but with all that is going on with MEW right now, now to sure I want to do that. Is it possible to store tokens on the Ledger Ethereum Wallet app??


The ledger ethereum app doesn’t allow you to see your tokens, but you can send them to that eth address no problem.

There are other options to see them like mycrypto.Com though Do your own due diligence with safety there too.


Opinion on safest way to store tokens??


Depends on what type of coins.
Until more developments occur, you will need several types of wallets.
This is a good and bad thing. The good is you spread your coins across and not have a honey pot. The bad thing is you have to remember where it is kept.

Safest way is to buy a cheap, but decent laptop off amazon. $300 will go a long way and install software wallets like Exodus. If you have NEO, use Neon wallet. Electrum is a bit more complex, but allows you to adjust tx fees.

Since the new Trezor is out, I am sure you can find Gen1 Trezors cheap.
Lastly, Ledger hardware wallets are great too.


Never buy a used hardware wallet. Ever


just use exodus until you can afford a ledger. the sooner you get a hardware wallet the better


I must say I am only a handful of months into this space but quickly learned that a hard wallet is by far the safest and most secure way to go about keeping your investments secure. The problem comes into play where I want to purchase a handful of tokens and put them straight onto the wallet. and with what is going on with MEW, don’t really want to do that. Equally I know people say i can just send my tokens to Ledger ETH Wallet but I have never done that and am not to sure how it works…anyone have any experience storing tokens on the Ledger ETH Wallet?