Less is More? Bitcoin Whitepaper Word Count



via pantera


Today’s bitcoin’s 10th birthday.

I believe Satoshi’s white paper will change the world – in so many wonderful ways: financial inclusion, property rights, migrants no longer working an entire month just to pay their remittance company, refugee identity/direct aid transfers, etc.

The mind-blowing bit is that revolution was sparked by just 3,192 words.

Bitcoin: A Peer-To-Peer Electronic Cash System easily fits on the wall of a small conference room in our HQ.

WP Wall 2

To share a sense of the genius in the paper, we’ve shown how few words it took to convey this powerful idea to the world. The word count of the bitcoin white paper is shown in relation to globally-influential texts:

My favorite – it took Satoshi only 5% as many words to completely describe and define the entirety of the project as were used in “Blockchain for Dummies”. Go figure.