Let me know if you need help with Electrical for Mining


Good afternoon All.
i have been a master Electrician and Senior Project manager for larger commercial and industrial construction for about 19 years now.
There are many factors to minimize your electrical cost when it actually cost to the design of your electrical system from mining.
if anyone needs help with this please feel to contact me for help.
i can also assist in the supply of this electrical equipment and accept crypto as a payment method.
anything from :Panels, Breakers, wire, conduit, large custom switch gears, harmonic dissipating transformers, cat 5e and other cables and ends.
if your are running a larger operation try to look for a building or space with 600 volts or 575 supply voltage as you pay for hydro based on currant not Voltage. thus higher the voltage the lower the current.
it is also to design your electrical system with currant and heat in mind as well, because when conductors become hot or under sized the become less effective in that supply of power thus translating into higher costs for electricity…
i am here to help if anyone is interested…

my Email is dave@bamfordelectric.ca