Let's build a few crypto trading bots (without coding of course)

Hi everyone,

It’s been quite some time since @john discovered coinfu.io. I was actually planning on letting other people try it out in the middle of 2019 but of course I underestimated the amount of work that needed to be done. The entire strategy builder engine had to be rewritten to accomodate different kinds of strategies but now here we are: the platform in closed beta.

If anyone is interested to read about the motivation behind the platform, please check this out.

While I have written a lengthy document to explain the platform, I’ve decided that it would be better to write a series of tutorials on how to build a few simple strategies to help people get started. The first one should be up before the end of the week.

Feel free to leave comments or ask questions and I’ll try my best to answer them as soon as possible.

PS. Happy to be part of the community. I just finished reading through the entire thread of Mike Fishy and I learned so much. My background is primarily in software development and I hope I can share some of my knowledge as well.


Alright, I recorded a few videos to talk more about the platform. Unfortunately, I’m not a very good speaker so please bear with me. The audio is a bit weak, but hopefully still audible.

We’ll create a few more strategies over the course of next week. Stay tuned!

What is coinfu.io?

How does it work?

Building your first strategy.

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Really informative. Thanks for posting!

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Happy to help! I’ll make sure the audio is fixed for future videos. :wink:


Happy friday!

ETH has been doing pretty well this week. I haven’t been HODLing but one of my runners did catch the trend on the way up.

Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 2.56.15 pm

I’m actually using a very simple triple moving average strategy here. The red line is SMA10 , the yellow is SMA50 , and the green one is SMA100 .

The entry logic is: SMA10 > SMA50 and SMA50 > SMA100

On the diagram up top you’ll see that the entry logic got triggered which signaled an entry denoted by a blue triangle. The subsequent entries were due to money management (read: pyramiding) which added units along the way.

By the way, If you haven’t seen it, Hacker Noon published my article regarding coinfu.io. I talk a little bit about the motivation behind the platform:

Why I Built a No Code Platform to Automate my Cryptocurrency Trading

That’s it for now. Have a great weekend!

Happy trading,


Happy friday!

Another movement for ETH on the same strategy which gained 1.95%. Not that big of a profit, but considering those numbers have the fees already subtracted from them, I’ll take it.

Might be gone for a bit while I build a couple of features that focus on strategy optimisation, so yeah, stay tuned!

I really don’t appreciate trading with bots based upon math and coding, Market are function of psychological patterns.

… patterns of which which you can study, internalise and recreate in code form that are infallible to the weakness of human emotion. It is all about identifying inefficiencies in pricing and currently the crypto market is so fragmented that it offers the ability for individuals to be able to pick investments just from reading etc. Traditional markets used to offer this before there were so many participants that the information advantage reduced to close zero.

Hence the rise of ETF’s and quant investment in traditional markets now + using alternative data to pick investments. There will be a time when crypto falls to the same fate but not in the next 10 years.

If you as a trader can identify patterns to take advantage of a market inefficiency, then you most certainly can automate what you (or hopefully, your strategy) does when that scenario happens.

Automated trading is definitely not for everyone, but I suggest you to try it at least once. It is incredibly liberating from chasing fundamentals - In fact, that is one of my main reasons for automation. I simply cannot keep up with all the news that might affect an asset’s price.

If a pattern emerges, then I let my system trade it. If it’s correct, then good. If not, then I have money management in place to get me out.

Life should be easy.

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