Let's talk body count - deadliest regimes in history



:thinking:Can’t put my finger on it but something oddly in common with these atrocities.

Saddam Hussein, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, & More: 13 Deadliest Dictators (Photos)
From Mao and Hitler to Saddam Hussein and Pol Pot, see the tyrants with history’s most lethal regimes.
10.21.11 9:00 PM ET

Muammar Gaddafi’s bloody reign has ended, but how does he compare with history’s other tyrants? From Mao to Hitler to Saddam Hussein, see the dictators with the most lethal regimes.

The death of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi brought to a close a nearly 42-year regime that engaged in state-sponsored terrorism around the world and at home, and waged ill-conceived wars against neighbors in the Middle East and Africa. With Gaddafi out of the way, the Libyan people can begin to think about what normalcy means, even though evidence of his regime still haunts Tripoli.

Gaddafi headed one of the longest-running modern autocracies. Yet, in the annals of evil dictators who perpetrated crimes against humanity and mass murder in the last 100 years, the colonel doesn’t actually rank as one of the deadliest—in terms of body count. To identify the deadliest dictators in history, The Daily Beast looked at despots to whom more than 1 million deaths have been attributed, whether through direct action like genocide, or indirect activities such as corrupt resource management that led to widespread starvation. Ranked based on death tolls, here are history’s 13 most lethal dictators.

  1. Enver Pasha
  2. Enver Pasha

Death toll: 1.1 million to 2.5 million
Years in power: 5 (1913-1918)
Worst offense: Armenian genocide
Type of regime: Military

Cause of death: Killed in battle (according to most accounts)

  1. Kim Il Sung
  2. Kim Il Sung
    North Korea

Death toll: 1.6 million
Years in power: 46 (1948-1994)
Worst offense: Korean War
Type of regime: Communist
Cause of death: Heart attack

  1. Ho Chi Minh
  2. Ho Chi Minh
    North Vietnam

Death toll: 1.7 million
Years in power: 24 (1945-1969)
Worst offense: Vietnam War
Type of regime: Communist
Cause of death: Heart failure

  1. Pol Pot
  2. Pol Pot

Death toll: 1.7 million to 2.4 million
Years in power: 4 (1975-1979)
Worst offense: Cambodian genocide
Type of regime: Communist
Cause of death: Unconfirmed

  1. Saddam Hussein
  2. Saddam Hussein

Death toll: 2 million
Years in power: 34 (1969-2003)
Worst offense: Kurdish genocide
Type of regime: Authoritarian
Cause of death: Executed

  1. Yahya Khan
  2. Yahya Khan

Death toll: 2 million to 12 million
Years in power: 2 (1969-1971)
Worst offense: Bangladesh genocide
Type of regime: Military
Cause of death: Unknown

  1. Tojo Hideki
  2. Tojo Hideki

Death toll: 4 million
Years in power: 3 (1941-1944)
Worst offense: WWII civilian genocide
Type of regime: Military
Cause of death: Executed

  1. Vladimir Lenin
  2. Vladimir Lenin

Death toll: 4 million
Years in power: 7 (1917-1924)
Worst offense: Russian Civil War
Type of regime: Communist
Cause of death: Cerebral hemorrhage

  1. Hirohito
  2. Hirohito

Death toll: 6 million
Years in power: 62 (1926-1989)
Worst offense: Nanking Massacre
Type of regime: Monarchy
Cause of death: Cancer

  1. Chiang Kai-Shek
  2. Chiang Kai-Shek

Death toll: 10 million
Years in power: 18 (1928-1949)
Worst offense: 228 Massacre
Type of regime: Military
Cause of death: Kidney failure

  1. Adolf Hitler
  2. Adolf Hitler

Death toll: 17 million to 20 million
Years in power: 11 (1934-1945)
Worst offense: The Holocaust
Type of regime: Fascist
Cause of death: Suicide

  1. Joseph Stalin
  2. Joseph Stalin

Death toll: 40 million to 62 million
Years in power: 12 (1941-1953)
Worst offense: Gulag camps
Type of regime: Communist
Cause of death: Heart attack

  1. Mao Zedong
  2. Mao Zedong

Death toll: 45 million to 75 million
Years in power: 34 (1943-1976)
Worst offense: Great Chinese Famine
Type of regime: Communist
Cause of death: Heart attack


It’s always been curious to me why the West so demonizes Hitler when we have Stalin and Mao. I guess it’s just not cool to call someone a “Mao-ist.”


It’s curious to me why the West rarely mentions any other brutal dictators or regimes (besides Hitler and Saddam) like Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. But I guess the presence of so many Jews in the US and in the US movie industry and media in particular explains that.


The percentage of Jews in America or Hollywood has nothing to do with it. All Stalin’s killing took place behind the Iron Curtain. It’s because those are wars the US actually fought in and had troops on the ground. You don’t see us talking/making movies about a lot of wars we weren’t in. Falkland Islands, India, Georgian-Russian. Selling a movie is about appealing to the average American. If I can’t relate to the Soviet-Japanese War it’s not going to sell any tickets.

The right talks about communisms genocide all the time as a case for the 2nd Amendment, but the media is for a majority on the left. and if they’re feelin the bern they cant cover this stuff :smiley:


can we count the catholic church as a regime when they destroyed the aboriginals of the americas?


The media are centrist at best but I think you are right,most US citizens are more interested in the particular wars we were involved in combined with what their attention is directed towards. We were in wars with Ho Chi Minh and Hideki but they do not receive anywhere near the attention as Hussein or Hitler.


I would love to see more SE Asian, Vietnam War movies or movies about Pol Pot, but ONLY if they’re shot without any US Military and Pentagon support and involvement. If the Pentagon is involved then fuggedaboutit


Is that kind of like every Chinse Kungfu movie I watch that ends with the Hero dying for a unified China?


I haven’t watched very many kungfu movies lol


where is this coming from where do you find this fake information. IF Gaddafi was such a ruthless dictator. then how come Libiya was the most prosperous African nation before his death. where are the USA presidents, they are all dictators in-disguise. this is completely false.


Totally agree with you Kortik

The media and social conditoning of the western world leave us beliving that everyone but oursleves are the problem & that our killing is justified.