Liberland: A Newly Formed “Nation” Running On Cryptocurrency

Liberland: A Newly Formed “Nation” Running On Cryptocurrency

Economist Vit Jedlicka has created a virtual state, called Liberland, that runs on cryptocurrency donations and will launch its own token in the coming months. Half a million people have applied for citizenship to the “nation” – which sits on a sandbank stretching 7km next to the Danube River (between Croatia and Serbia), 10km south of the Hungarian border.

“The situation on the mainland in Liberland is still difficult as Croatian police illegally persecute all visitors and settlers,” Jedlicka told the Telegraph in an interview. “We are waiting for exoneration from the Croatian constitutional court but for now, our settlement has essentially moved to the river, where we host visitors almost on a daily basis.”

Liberland state-business is conducted over email, WhatsApp, and Skype, permitting the 100 like-minded Liberland representatives across the globe to stay in communication. The country is in the process of launching its own legal system on blockchain technology, and will begin distributing its own coin, Merit, on April 13th — which coincides with Liberland’s third anniversary. All those who pay taxes will, in turn, receive Merit, effectively granting donors a stake in the country.

> “For many years, I worked for lowering taxes and regulations in the Czech Republic, but I suddenly realized that it would be easier to start a new country than to fix an existing one. We suffered 40 years of serious damage to our society under a communist regime and, unfortunately, many of the same people are in power again,” he says. “It seems that Czechs do not learn from their history. We see some of the same damage happening in other European countries, where taxation and regulation is strangling prosperity.”

The nation accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, and Ethereum donations to run its financial operations, and the state budget is distributed among almost a dozen cryptocurrencies. Putting yourself at the mercy of a potentially volatile asset might sound like a strange idea, but Jedlicka does not let this phase him: “For a few years of my life I worked as a financial markets analyst,” he says. “That gave me a fairly good understanding of the system we are living in.”

Liberland’s motto is “live and let live,” but right now it’s not that simple for Jedlicka, who jokes that his current home is “on a plane.” Jedlicka is constantly traveling the globe promoting his venture and meeting with representatives as well as other parties interested in creating similar libertarian-minded living spaces in Africa and Central America.

Croatian police are currently engaged in a game of cat and mouse with early Liberland “citizens,” who are regularly arrested and forcibly removed: Around 100 people have been arrested since the proclamation of Liberland in 2015. “We were charged with leaving Croatia and the Schengen zone illegally,” he says. But that’s not all bad, as, according to Jedlicka, “That is matter-of-fact confirmation that Liberland is not part of Croatia.”




@peter What did you have to do to become a citizen? :sunglasses: :chart_with_upwards_trend:


Email and paperwork! It was simple!


Very interesting endeavour. :raised_hands: We are the pioneers man


Looked into it quite a few times… love the idea… seems like a scam / cash grab and I don’t really feel that has changed…

Imo even if it’s not, it will never be recognized as a country by the rest of the world…

The circles who’re into it in Denmark has some people that are pretty involved / high up and they seem like half of them spend half the time scamming people / each other and a lot of them hate each other.

I don’t know any of them personally, but I’ve been Facebook friends with friends of them and they’re pretty vocal and way too public with their drama to make them people I’d want to be involved with.

They already did Libershares, so if Merit also gives you shares in Liberland that kinda screws over the people that bought shares I guess…

Much “donate here”, not much wow.

But it’s a fun gimmick.


sent in my application just for funzies!


Correct me if Im wrong, but when I visited the site, it looked like in order to become a citizen I had to invest 10K worth of Merit. I doubt this is a scam. Something worth following and keeping our eye on. Would be cool to see the PUB as one of their biggest share holders in the next 5 years.


I sent mine in too. Felt like I was whitelisting for an ICO that I couldn’t even invest in because of SEC regulations for US citizens lol!! Fuck it, did it anyway just in case. : )


Me too, what the heck.


We got our own Crypto Nation here in the PUB lol! and it doesn’t cost 10K.


They already did Libershares years ago, so I guess the share Merit will give is very small.

Also the (one of the) thing(s) for me is, I don’t think its truly Terra Nullus. it is part of a contested border territory and yes, neither side wants it, because claiming it would also make the side forfeit a lot more contested land (the parts both sides want)

But if this border dispute is solved, Siga (Liberland) will belong to Serbia or Croatia.


That is the same thought I had. Wait a minute… If become a citizen of another country can I start investing in ICO’s??


It’s just a gimmick. You can get a passport, but they recommend you don’t try and use it for travelling, which means they acknowledge the citizenship isn’t valid I guess.


I just applied for citizenship and I got an email saying:

Thank you for your interest to become a citizen of Liberland.
If you have any interest to speed up the process of establishing Liberland, please donate to us for administrative and diplomatic purposes. Thank you.

This that statement implies that Liberland isn’t established :thinking:

They don’t have a complete Constution yet. :expressionless:

I didn’t find anything about “$10k” and passports :confused:


I’m positive I saw stuff about the passport last time I checked, but I can’t find it now…

But it seems like they only give passports to a few special people, so maybe they removed the info, because it made too many people ask too many questions. It’s not recognized by any country anyway afaik, so it doesn’t really matter… Writing Kingdom of Mars Passport on a piece of paper is just as official.

according to the forum a citizenship requires a $5000 donation, or special skills, but the forum is not official info


Ok i applied for citizenship, who wants to go half on a rental property? :joy: the swamp is beautiful this time of year!


Here is a recent interview with Vít Jedlička, that explains quite a bit more on how Liberland functions.


Ok, so is the next long term holdl. I believe this is Liberlands official crypto currency. Peter said its supposed to be doing its public sale in June or July?
This is a remarkable partenership for If anyone can or knows how to start a pool for the public sale, please chime in, as Im sure as the word spreads this may catch fire. Thank you Peter and John for your hard work and dedication.
This is the only link Im aware of that takes you to the home page of Liberland where you can donate (buy Merits) for 1:1usd ratio now before the public sale. How they translate to public sale I havnt figured out.


Patrons only…

Djdjd j’s msms


I applied some months ago out of curiosity, they emailed me this last month.

Dear Anthony,

Jana and I, warmly request the pleasure of your company to join us on April 13-15, 2018 to celebrate two major milestones: the Third Year Anniversary of the Free Republic of Liberland and the 20th edition of d10e, the leading conference on decentralization.

We are grateful that d10e has kindly agreed to co-organize their special 20th edition alongside Liberland’s third anniversary. Joining forces with d10e is an important step at a time when our team is finalizing our own ICO, which will be launched after internal consensus is reached at the d10e conference.

During these three days, we will hear the thoughts of Leaders in the Blockchain space on how Liberland’s decentralized ecosystem can look like. We will also discuss everything from the future of Liberland’s governance to our ICO’s token economics. Key questions that many of you have longed asked about, will finally be answered during this 3 day conference, such as:
(1) Will “ALL” taxes be voluntary?
(2) Will Liberland Merit be also a share and not just a currency?
(3) Will citizens be running Masternodes?
(4) Should registered properties and companies be fully decentralized and tokenized?
(5) How will we achieve political goals while maintaining budget transparency?
(6) How do we reach political consensus?

I also extend an invitation to all participants to engage with us and take this opportunity to take an active role so that together, you and I can define the future of Liberland. And as an added bonus, all participants will receive LLM 995 (Liberland Merits) and will be listed on the website and in the White Paper as Early ICO Contributors. In addition, all those actively contributing with valuable input on Liberland’s ICO at the d10e conference on April 14 will be rewarded with Liberland citizenship. Any net profit resulting from this event will be reinvested to properly promote our ICO.

Space, however, is limited to only 80 participants. Reservations can be made only at the d10e website: Here, you will find information on what the fee covers.

We would also like to take this opportunity to inform you that Liberland has made substantial progress during the first three months of this year, including:

Liberlandian News - February video
Former Congressman Dr. Ron Paul, received the Citizenship and Passport of Liberland
Liberland and The Marshall Islands are creating their own cryptocurrencies
Liberland opened a new Representative Office in Belgrade
Free Republic of Liberland: Briefing Note
Welcome to Liberland: the nation that Bitcoin built - The Telegraph
Libergear new eshop with Liberland accessories including mugs and flags
Please be informed that those who have obtained the minimum requirement of LLM 5,000 (Liberland Merits) for citizenship will retain those Merits upon being granted Liberland citizenship. One can gain Merits by:
(1) working for the development of Liberland (i.e. helping, with diplomatic, commercial or technological projects; achievements in areas such as sports, public relations, or event planning that benefit Liberland).
(2) making financial donations (1 USD = 1 Merit) to Liberland at

(Your account currently has 0 Merits).
Please make sure that this balance is correct before we launch ICO and please claim any inaccuracies with

We would also like to thank all those who made contributions and financial donations so far and we value all the help you contributed or plan to contribute in the near future.


Vít Jedlička

Sadly I had other things on so didn’t attend


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