Liberland, Merits, and Patron discussions

Using this thread to discuss top secret patron accessible information regarding Liberland, Merits, and how will work hand and hand.

Pub Family Power Up!


We’ll be introducing the staking option here. I’ll be staking.


I missed the voice chat discussion on discord…what is this about?


Some info that they sent me that might be on interest to others here.

Dear Anthony,

Jana and I, warmly request the pleasure of your company to join us on April 13-15, 2018 to celebrate two major milestones: the Third Year Anniversary of the Free Republic of Liberland and the 20th edition of d10e, the leading conference on decentralization.

We are grateful that d10e has kindly agreed to co-organize their special 20th edition alongside Liberland’s third anniversary. Joining forces with d10e is an important step at a time when our team is finalizing our own ICO, which will be launched after internal consensus is reached at the d10e conference.

During these three days, we will hear the thoughts of Leaders in the Blockchain space on how Liberland’s decentralized ecosystem can look like. We will also discuss everything from the future of Liberland’s governance to our ICO’s token economics. Key questions that many of you have longed asked about, will finally be answered during this 3 day conference, such as:
(1) Will “ALL” taxes be voluntary?
(2) Will Liberland Merit be also a share and not just a currency?
(3) Will citizens be running Masternodes?
(4) Should registered properties and companies be fully decentralized and tokenized?
(5) How will we achieve political goals while maintaining budget transparency?
(6) How do we reach political consensus?

I also extend an invitation to all participants to engage with us and take this opportunity to take an active role so that together, you and I can define the future of Liberland. And as an added bonus, all participants will receive LLM 995 (Liberland Merits) and will be listed on the website and in the White Paper as Early ICO Contributors. In addition, all those actively contributing with valuable input on Liberland’s ICO at the d10e conference on April 14 will be rewarded with Liberland citizenship. Any net profit resulting from this event will be reinvested to properly promote our ICO.

Space, however, is limited to only 80 participants. Reservations can be made only at the d10e website: Here, you will find information on what the fee covers.

We would also like to take this opportunity to inform you that Liberland has made substantial progress during the first three months of this year, including:

Liberlandian News - February video
Former Congressman Dr. Ron Paul, received the Citizenship and Passport of Liberland
Liberland and The Marshall Islands are creating their own cryptocurrencies
Liberland opened a new Representative Office in Belgrade
Free Republic of Liberland: Briefing Note
Welcome to Liberland: the nation that Bitcoin built - The Telegraph
Libergear new eshop with Liberland accessories including mugs and flags
Please be informed that those who have obtained the minimum requirement of LLM 5,000 (Liberland Merits) for citizenship will retain those Merits upon being granted Liberland citizenship. One can gain Merits by:
(1) working for the development of Liberland (i.e. helping, with diplomatic, commercial or technological projects; achievements in areas such as sports, public relations, or event planning that benefit Liberland).
(2) making financial donations (1 USD = 1 Merit) to Liberland at

(Your account currently has 0 Merits).
Please make sure that this balance is correct before we launch ICO and please claim any inaccuracies with

We would also like to thank all those who made contributions and financial donations so far and we value all the help you contributed or plan to contribute in the near future.


Vít Jedlička

Hope its of some use Cheers :+1::sunglasses:


Wow I am SO STOKED to this see this interview!

Liberland has piqued my interest since I first heard peter mention it!

As much as I’d love to apply for a citizenship right this moment, I think that might cause some issues with my current employer. Biding my time on that one.

Deal me in merits dealer.


I think you can also take all of your weapons with you when you go there :grinning::+1::sunglasses:


Anyone else have mysterious Merit donations added to their Liberland account? I just signed in and found some nice Merit donations dating back to 2016 and '17, before Peter even introduced us to it. Im not complaining, but its a little weird.


I have just logged in but sadly no free tokens for me :sleepy:


I made a 10$ donation just see if it would show up in my Merit account and it did. This was the first donation I made, just now, today. Never donated before. I dont think anyone is supposed to be getting free tokens.


You are. Your donation converts to merits.


Donations convert to Merits, correct. It’s recorded as Merits after USD donation. As far as ‘free’ token drops, I dont think they are doing that.


Sign up. Website is shitty. They are currently working on it.


Can anyone splash me with more info on this Liberaland please because I’m not quite catching it yet :thinking:


I just applied for citizenship,you can speed up the process by donating to Liberland.

Immediately after I sent a donation Visa called to verify activity on my card,like 2 seconds after I sent the donation.

Liberland site says my bank declined the transaction without giving any reason!


Im writing an email to the Interior of Liberland. I asked that they forward it to Vit Jedlicka. Im suggesting that he contact former Post Master and Federal Judge :David-Winn: Miller and his associate Post Master and current Federal Judge :Russel-jay: Gould to discuss the revision of Liberlands Constitution written in adverb- verb- no contract. :David-Wynn: Miller rewrote the Hawaiian constitution in correct parse syntax disqualifying the previous constitution written in adverb-verb-no contract. According to :David, Hawaii is no longer part of the 50 united states under contract and therefore is not subject to totalitarian rules set up by the fraudulent US Corporation.
If Liberland wants to succeed as a truly decentralized and sovereign country they will eventually need to adopt a constitution written in correct parse syntax sentence structure. My sincere apologies to those who have no idea what Im taking abt. I hope this email does not fall on def ears.


Apology accepted :joy:


too bad too sad… :sob: don’t have fund to invest in merit … unless i sell my trusty neo, icx, etc … or the moon ticket


There is some very interesting stuff in here about how designers can help create the future liberland and earn merits in return. Any of you guys architects? lol Looks like most of them have run their course, but I feel like this could be their running theme.

I really like Liberland’s style.


Looks great. I’m in.


Just dropped the interview on patreon! Enjoy!


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