Life hack - how to stay in a hotel room for free

Guys. Guys. Guys. I’m on vacation and it just hit me guys. It just hit me. Bringing you some deep insights guys.

This message goes out to all ya miners out there. Electricity is free in hotel rooms ain’t it? Huh? You hadn’t thought of that now, had you? Next time you go on vacation just bring a truckload of those ASIC-miners and put up the “Do not disturb”-sign on the door. You can live there for free. Forever. Is it going to be noisy? yes. Is it going to be hot as sauna? Yes. But what you complaining about? It’s a free hotel room, ain’t in?

Now is this a moral thing to do? No. But guys, I’m not here to bring you moral guys, just bringing the insights. The knowledge.

Stay safe everyone, I’m heading to the beach now.


oh well, you would have to buy the ASIC-miners first


OMG, what I’ve just read? People’s fantasy and ingenuity go beyond all limits just to avoid paying bills, taxes and even hotel rooms. Let me tell you that even an ASIC-miners won’t spare you of the fact that you will have to pay in the end. I remember when I was in the Westgate resort (read more about it on, a man at the front desk wanted to check in with a fake ID. He made such a noise and scandal that the employees didn’t have another choice than to call the police. My advice to all people is to work hard and earn enough money to pay for vacations, hotels and other stuff.

Dude. I wrote that several years ago as a joke. Take a chill pill.

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