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I’m excited for tonight’s broadcast. Here is the link to watch LIVE at 6pm PST

Here are some of the topics I will be discussing…

Hash Wars

Bakkt To Square One

SEC Crackdown?

Year End Bounce For Bitcoin? What’s Next…

Where will bitcoin go from here? Well, no one has a crystal ball but we know it’s not going to be like it was in 2017. The rules have changed, we are in a completely new market. The instruments that allowed the bull run in 2017 have changed. If you are a hodler and here for the money then it’s likely you are waiting for institutional investors. But they are waiting for SEC approval and the SEC is working over the logistics of custodial services among other Crypto issues. Even then, they are slow to move and these guys don’t buy on green candles they crush retailers with red candles. It is one of those things that is complex and layered. Likely, sustained moves to the upside will be at minimum in 2019. Many are looking to the Bitcoin halving in 2020 for a sustained move to the upside. Regardless of the current price I believe in the long term value of Bitcoin.

This is the constant battle we face…

The so called powers that be are always taking a good idea and spinning it or twisting it or co-opting it to their advantage. However, if we can keep Bitcoin open source, decentralized, trustless and permissionless among other things then we still have a chance to stay the course toward a more fair financial system. A system that removes the central points of failure (where needed) thereby creating a more stable currency. We are still in a rapidly changing environment, hence the volatility. There are a lot of big players throwing money around. There are also a lot of ground level joes and janes (Main Street) and they all want in on Crypto. Everyone consumed with the abundance of opportunity that Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency provide. Many look back on the Internet boom and see something very similar happening right now.

From any angle, if you can imagine it on the Blockchain people are working on it. The sheer number of projects in the Blockchain space is almost incomprehensible. There are so many that you can’t count them. Many of them will not reach their final form. Out of the ones that survive the Crypto winter there will still be winners and losers. The losers are people who invested in projects with poor fundamentals, mostly people from Main Street or referred to as retail investors. For the most part the retail investor wasn’t educated enough and as a result has made poor investments.

The winners will be Bitcoin and the projects that are in line with the fundamentals of Bitcoin. Open source, decentralized, trustless and permissionless among others. The winners will be ordinary people who saw a need and didn’t ask for permission they stepped up and helped solve a problem. They survived winter because they didn’t care about prices as much as they cared about principles. They found like minded people and a supportive community was formed.

There is also a third category, there will be coins that look like winners but they are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are corporations like Alphabet (Google/YouTube) and many others including the global bankers. They have a history of deception and disruption. If an average person acted like these corporations they could be considered psychopathic. So, it’s easy to expect some bad actors. Powerful people with vast resources full of fear and greed willing to do almost anything regardless of the cost to others. Since this isn’t something new, we will be prepared and aware of the potential pitfalls from that perspective.

We will discuss much more on my live broadcast tonight at 6pm PST only on Decentralized TV!

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