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Here are some of the topics I will be discussing…

Hash Wars

Bakkt To Square One

SEC Crackdown?

Year End Bounce For Bitcoin? What’s Next…

Where will bitcoin go from here? Well, no one has a crystal ball but we know it’s not going to be like it was in 2017. The rules have changed, we are in a completely new market. The instruments that allowed the bull run in 2017 have changed. If you are a hodler and here for the money then it’s likely you are waiting for institutional investors. But they are waiting for SEC approval and the SEC is working over the logistics of custodial services among other Crypto issues. Even then, they are slow to move and these guys don’t buy on green candles they crush retailers with red candles. It is one of those things that is complex and layered. Likely, sustained moves to the upside will be at minimum in 2019. Many are looking to the Bitcoin halving in 2020 for a sustained move to the upside. Regardless of the current price I believe in the long term value of Bitcoin.

This is the constant battle we face…

The so called powers that be are always taking a good idea and spinning it or twisting it or co-opting it to their advantage. However, if we can keep Bitcoin open source, decentralized, trustless and permissionless among other things then we still have a chance to stay the course toward a more fair financial system. A system that removes the central points of failure (where needed) thereby creating a more stable currency. We are still in a rapidly changing environment, hence the volatility. There are a lot of big players throwing money around. There are also a lot of ground level joes and janes (Main Street) and they all want in on Crypto. Everyone consumed with the abundance of opportunity that Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency provide. Many look back on the Internet boom and see something very similar happening right now.

From any angle, if you can imagine it on the Blockchain people are working on it. The sheer number of projects in the Blockchain space is almost incomprehensible. There are so many that you can’t count them. Many of them will not reach their final form. Out of the ones that survive the Crypto winter there will still be winners and losers. The losers are people who invested in projects with poor fundamentals, mostly people from Main Street or referred to as retail investors. For the most part the retail investor wasn’t educated enough and as a result has made poor investments.

The winners will be Bitcoin and the projects that are in line with the fundamentals of Bitcoin. Open source, decentralized, trustless and permissionless among others. The winners will be ordinary people who saw a need and didn’t ask for permission they stepped up and helped solve a problem. They survived winter because they didn’t care about prices as much as they cared about principles. They found like minded people and a supportive community was formed.

There is also a third category, there will be coins that look like winners but they are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are corporations like Alphabet (Google/YouTube) and many others including the global bankers. They have a history of deception and disruption. If an average person acted like these corporations they could be considered psychopathic. So, it’s easy to expect some bad actors. Powerful people with vast resources full of fear and greed willing to do almost anything regardless of the cost to others. Since this isn’t something new, we will be prepared and aware of the potential pitfalls from that perspective.

We will discuss much more on my live broadcast tonight at 6pm PST only on Decentralized TV!

Stay frosty friends!

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Sup everyone! I’m planning an amazing show LIVE tonight 6pm PST on Decentralized TV!
It’s year in review time plus we are going to look ahead to 2019, ever wonder about how we got here and about the future of Crypto? We will answer that and much more on tonight’s show LIVE 6pm PST!
Be there or be square! :rocket:
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Excellent. Looking forward to tonights show!

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Show notes 12/19

Crypto Year In Review // Looking Ahead to 2019 // Crypto News Blitz!

Crypto News Blitz:

Tether has the dollars to back it up says Bloomberg research says.

In the past, executives of Tether have alleged that they hold roughly $1 million USD in the bank for every unit of tether. This would amount to a lot of money stashed away, but according to new data uncovered by Bloomberg, the statements made regarding Tether’s operations as of late appear to be based in truth.

The rise of stable coins in 2018-2019

Pro-Crypto French MPs Want to Invest 500 Million Euros to Make France ‘Blockchain Nation’

Central Banks serious about getting into Digital currency

The market for digital currency is down, but it’s certainly not out. Even if private cryptocurrencies are falling in popularity, it appears likely we are headed toward an era of national digital currencies that are backed by central banks.

Crypto Year In Review -

We’ve been lied to in 2018…

January 24 George Soros says BTC is worst investment and not to buy, 2 months later his offices are cleared to buy Bitcoin.

February 7 Goldman Sachs says all crypto will go to zero!
In May, launches new BTC trading desk and buys Circle (spent $400 million on platform)

Now we’ve learned about so many other institutions buying BTC such as Blackrock, the Rothschilds and many more

We already knew Fidelity ($7 trillion under management) has been mining Bitcoin since 2015.

OTC market is more than double exchange volumes.
Bitcoin OTC Trading Volume Soars as Institutions May Be Accumulating

Even with all this, the CBOE supported Bitcoin ETF isn’t likely to be SEC approved… yet. more FUD incoming for 2019.

Deutsche Bank Gets Raided After Calling Bitcoin a Risk for Criminal Activity

Conventions, conferences, summits and meet ups!
I went to a Crypto event on average probably about 2 or 3 a month in 2018. I traveled from Las Vegas to California for a lot of those trips.

I found it incredibly encouraging to experience how accessible, open and welcoming most people are in the Crypto community. Especially considering it would be a lot more difficult to meet important and powerful figures from the Federal Reserve or the US Treasury.

Back in 2017 I turned to social media to learn more about Bitcoin, Blockchain and the entire Crypto community. I mostly turned to YouTube and Twitter. Then I realized the best way to learn more and meet like minded people was offline, at conferences, conventions, summits and meetups. My first trip was to Puerto Rico, that’s where I met Joey Rockets and Brandon HamsterFunland. Joey is a YouTuber and Brandon is a Bitcoin.Pub member. It was beautiful in PR, I toured most of Old San Juan and even saw the building that Dan Larimer bought but he wasn’t there and all the doors were locked, yes, I checked. After PR I went to Denver for an event called A Day4Crypto. That’s where I met Eric Voorhees and Timaholic. Tim is a musician and does live broadcasts from his recording studio. Eric and I talked about how there are a fair number of companies that are adopting Blockchain but don’t need it. He also spoke on stage about why Bitcoin is so important. Later that night I had the opportunity to talk to Roger Ver but I didn’t know what to say…

That was a one day conference but it was jammed packed with great information.

Not long after that I visited LA and met Jason from Cryptosomniac. The reason I reached out to them is because after watching their YouTube channel I could tell that they not only knew Cryptocurrency but they have the right idea about the core fundamentals of Blockchain. Something more of us need to know. Since then I’ve seen Jason, Sneh and most of the Cryptosomniac team several times at different conferences…

Here is a short list of events that I’ve attended, in no particular order. Day4Crypto, MoneyShow, Litecoin Summit, Crypto Invest Summit, World Crypto Con, CryptoBlockCon, BlockShow, ChainXchange and many other meetups including awesome meetup in Santa Monica with Blockchain Beach. Also had a great time at the retreat in Atlanta.

Looking Ahead to 2019 -

Lightning network is coming!

Buy the dip applies here not financial advice. Guys, my Bitcoin price prediction is $34,000 by this time next year. Based on Fibonacci levels.

Meet me at the event! My plans for 2019…

In 2019 I will be attending the next retreat in San Francisco. For January, I have my ticket to North American Bitcoin Conference (NABC) in Miami, Florida. And I will also be attending Chainwise in Ohio on February 15-16

Some news to keep an eye on in 2019:
Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange by trading volumes, will launch its own blockchain “Binance Chain” in the “coming months,” as the company revealed in a tweet on Dec. 4.

The new Binance-backed blockchain aims to provide a basis for creating new cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) tokens, as the company said in the tweet:

“Binance is pushing for blockchain adoption and doing many things to help advancement of the industry. E.g. we will have the Binance chain ready in the coming months, on which millions of projects can easily issue tokens.”

Bitcoin Halving is 500 Days Away, But What Does It Mean for Price Now?

LinkedIn: Blockchain Development Is The Fastest-Growing Job Sector In The U.S

LinkedIn’s 2018 Emerging Job Reports has listed ‘blockchain developer’ as the fastest growing job sector with “33x growth” compared to last year’s report. The report said most of the jobs were centralized at IBM, ConsenSys, and Chainyard and are located in San Francisco, New York City, and Atlanta.

New Blockchain Phones coming out in 2019:
Swiss-based SIRIN Labs will start shipping its first blockchain-enabled FINNEY phone tomorrow, as electronics giant HTC also plans a blockchain-related phone release

On sale for $1,000, FINNEY will also contain a Token Conversion Service (TCS) that reportedly eliminates the need for visiting external exchanges by converting supported tokens and coins, the article notes.

Sirin Labs Finney phone vs Librem 5

I have… reservations about the Sirin Labs phone’s security. Sirin uses a “proprietary android derivative” as the base for their OS.

Worded differently; “we use a google product and made unknowable changes to it and trust us it’s secure”.

I’d rather see what Sirin did specifically and verify they pulled everything that needed pulling to de-googleify it and didn’t break anything secure as they put it in. No way to check that unless Sirin opens up the source code.

The Librem 5 is on open source phone. Learn more here

We need distributed comms networks first to be realistic. Things that can’t have easy mitm attacks performed and can’t be commercialized as a service model but exist as one time purchases. I struggle to see that truly coming to fruition but if the Librem 5 phone can happen then there’s more than just a glimmer of hope.

There are some concerns about the Librem 5. However, I know at least they narrowed the cpu choice issue and went with the 8 so that addresses my concern for USB-C support.

Their FAQ is now clearer about needing certain firmwares and they’ll be free versions but they also say they need to do further evaluations sooo who knows until it’s torn down on a bench.

Another new phone hitting the market in 2019! PundiX is releasing a phone

These topics and much more tonight LIVE on Decentralized TV!

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Show notes 12/26

Is Alt Season Back? // Stocks vs Crypto // China Ranks Crypto Projects

Welcome everyone to another exciting episode of Outside The Box! I’m Mike or LifeSizeBox and you’re watching Decentralized TV! Thank you for joining me… On today’s show…

Before we get into that I’d like to remind you to be sure and visit TheBitcoin.Pub for everything Bitcoin and Crypto. Also, time is running short if you want to be one of the first to join us at! Until the end of the year you can sign up at otherwise be sure to visit to sign up for the waiting list.

Is Alt Season Back?

The short answer is no. I think it will happen again, like it did in 2017. However, a lot of coins will be left to wither and die. Not necessarily a bad thing since those developers will likely get picked up by other projects. We will see many of the more established coins begin to gain value and attention as advancements are made and new code is released. We will also see new coins driven by STO’s.

The long answer is yes, with a caveat. There are some very interesting advancements being made with many different projects.

What will drive ALT season will be a rise in the price of Bitcoin, increased volume is key!

Stay invested mentally and other ways by staying connected with Decentralized TV and TheBitcoin.Pub

Stocks vs Crypto

A place to hedge against stock market loss

Super crash appears on the brink

Smart money would come to Crypto

Sunny Decree did a video and talked about how Go Pro stock has fallen so bad that a $1,000,000 investment at the top would be worth $50,000 today. That resonates with crypto in a big way.

Would be extremely interesting if stock market crashed hard and crypto goes parabolic

That would usher crypto into a new era.

The GREAT decoupling!

China Ranks Crypto Project

EOS is ranked number one

Bitcoin is ranked 18th

Decred is ranked 30th

Ontology ONT debuted at number 4

What else is China doing?

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is threatening to fire police officers if they don’t arrest enough people who adhere to spiritual faiths—including Falun Gong practitioners and Christians—according to a magazine that monitors religious freedom in China.

An officer in Dalian in northeastern Liaoning Province told the magazine Bitter Winter that the police station where he works received a “quarterly performance assessment plan to combat religious belief” from the CCP’s National Security Bureau in September.

The plan listed the minimum number of people of faith that police must arrest in order to receive enough “points.”

“The assessment is based on a 100-point evaluation system, with specific scores assigned for each arrested believer, depending on his or her faith,” Bitter Winter reported.

News Blitz

Is Huawei Spying on Us All on Behalf of the CCP?

The secret services of half of the Western world are dealing with it. Smartphones, tablets, and even computers made by Huawei and ZTE would contain devices that can intercept and record phone calls and messages from unsuspecting users worldwide. Thanks to their undoubted quality and competitive prices, Huawei products are today among the most popular in the West. On a technical level, it is very easy to put such devices in phones, tablets, and PCs, especially, if the producer does it at the source. Yet, the allegations have another major implication: Huawei and ZTE would operate this crime in league with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Thus, if it were true that Huawei and ZTE spy on their customers, it would mean that most of their clients are exposed to virtually total control by Beijing’s brutal government.

​Next week Wednesday 6pm PST - I will be talking a lot more about proof of keys and Steller. I’ll also set aside some time for an AMA!



Great article about Article 13 here:

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New ETH DAO :point_down:

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BAT will be accepted for goods and services at TAP Network’s 250,000 different brand partners. Announced today at the Mobile World Congress, the partnership marks the first real-world implementation of BAT since Brave launched more than three years ago.

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  • Coinbase Shenanigans

Coinbase tracking waaaaaaaay tooo much.

Brand it “Coinbase Bitcoin” a slightly different, Less fungible type of Bitcoin - not unlike PayPal.

Coinbase neutrino news

…why do we even have privacy agreements? Just because people don’t read them doesn’t make them any less important and doesn’t make privacy any less important. I spoke about privacy before but maybe I didn’t do it justice. Here are the top ten reasons why Privacy is important. Many of them might surprise you.

If you haven’t used yet, let me tell you, I’ve found it to be a lot of fun! It’s a clean experience. And it’s a lovely community.

  • Dangers of Article 3
  • Blockchain Legislation

What Do Wyoming’s 13 New Blockchain Laws Mean?

  • News and More…

Facebook’s Pivot to Privacy

Wired Article:

Facebook Post:

10 Reasons Why Privacy Matters

Support the Electronic Frontier Foundation EFF!

5G Safety Dance -

New flaws in 4G, 5G allow attackers to intercept calls and track phone locations

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