Likely Additions to Coinbase in 2018 (Ripple, Monero, and DASH)


Coinbase, unlike most exchanges, features solely four coins. Their app and website are simple to use for those inexperienced in the trading/investing field which makes them a favorite among the population. If you can predict the next coin to land on Coinbase, you are likely to see an exponential jump in asset value upon announcement of that specific coin’s addition.
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A privacy coin on tax notifying coinbase. I smell G-Man conspiracy brewing


Hmmmm…Uhhhhh…I mean we are playing with a cat named ‘what-if’ here right?

So - What if :rofl: (hard for me to do this with a straight face) Coinbase had a meeting with the IRS, and the two hatched a plan to capture a taxable event on atleast some portion of a privacy centric coins…travels? Since it’s, you know, private?..??

Now I feel like I have something sticky on me…


Seems likely Sniggly. Hey Coinbase, we are going to regulate you out of business… and fine you for that insider trading bit orrrrrrrr you can just hand over all your records on that privacy coin. This is next level illuminati stuff.


I have DASH, was thinking I’d trade it for Monero XMR and am searching the pub for info on either (or other better privacy coins). Then I see this. Not sure what to do!



LOL @Matty not helpful! :rofl:


I don’t know if this means anything to you or not but…

I am working on an article that explores the clash between legally supported investigative probes that address a claim of privacy vs privacy-centric tokens. It’s an early stage thing (outline) isn’t even finished yet, but, my premise is that they will eventually succumb to investigative pressure and devalue as a result (long term speculation that is NOT grounded in any research…yet).

And - I just don’t see Coinbase adding a privacy coin. There are soooooo many people on this forum that would disagree with me, and the potential for their being right is possibly higher than my own, but I smell a conflict here that I can’t quite put my mental index finger on. Not a conspiracy or anything like that…just an idea.


I agree with you that coinbase will likely succumb to that pressure. The more fiat I can get into the system now, the happier I’ll be. And hopefully I can find a way to take profits out somewhere else if I feel the need to.

At any rate, I’m filling out my crypto portfolio with each DCA, and while I was looking for my last 4 investments, realized that DASH wasn’t probably the privacy coin I want to hold for now. I like the idea of having a privacy coin in my holdings and I’m thinking XMR is the one to swap DASH for.

But ultimately, I want to see some gains too. Not all of the coins I’m DCAing into are projects I care to HODL long term necessarily. Just trying to pick some winners in my year long rebalancing experiment.


I just find it hard to make any direct recommendations without the following info-

  1. investment goals
  2. other investments positions
  3. timeline
  4. Basically everything I would need to make a sound financial decision myself.

No one would put that info on the internet so I try and dodge the question as much as possible.


I’m thinking simpler than all that. Medium-term gains: Dash or Monero. Not looking to swing trade it, not necessarily buying to HODL long term. Just want to pick one for my rebalancing experiment this year that will have the best gains.


just seen coinbase has linked with shopify…:thinking:


Moneros mined by malware everywhere, go with that!