List of good Masternode coins


Hi all. I would like to ask everyone here, if you currently have any masternodes, and if so, which coins do you have masternodes in?
Also, which coins do you think are best suited for masternodes. I will be making an excel spreadsheet for everyone here to look at as I think it benefits my personal goals (cheap good long term MasterNode coins), and the public whom have the same incentives.

Currently, the MN coins I believe are to be good are:

  1. DASH
  2. PIVX
  4. POSW (XSN soon)
  5. Zcoin.

If you have a MN coin you are in or know about let me know!

I also know a few projects which will have Masternodes coming out.

Of course:
High Performance Blockchain
Cyber-Physical Chain
Walton Chain


would be even better to mention the minimum requirement of coins per master node coin.


Agreed. I will be putting that in my spreadsheet as well as the current cost at the price per coin.

#4 pretty much covers coin incl ROI/min invest and such.


Yes i’ve seen that website before. They have a good thing going but a lot of MN coins, they don’t have listed.


Apparently BOScoin will be doing masternodes - 40000 BOS required


How informed are you about BOS? I remember their ICO but since then it seems they have basically been dead in the water…


There’s 229 pages of discussion here,

here’s link to their master-node reward calculator


in4 later :grinning:
interesting topic


I have direct experience with 2 MN coins, both very positive:

  1. RUPX - fairly new coin, low volumes but high enough to cash out your earnings if you need to…returns are very consistent I’m doing about $50 USD per day with 1 MN (about $1500 USD for 1 MN)…best thing about RUPX was how easy it was to setup - typically MN setup instructions for many platforms are too vague or esoteric…documentation for this got me through the entire setup in just 1 sitting - easy to read and understand.
  2. Other one is NTRN which also has decent #s…this one has been around awhile so you know this coin isn’t going away anytime soon unlike some of the newer copy-cat MN coins out there. And you can stake NTRN at about 5% returns if you don’t have enough to start a MN yet while slowly accumulating to your goal.
    I used to have an CHC MN (I know I know…go ahead and laugh LOL) and experience with that was not so good - the MN constantly went down/offline for unknown reasons. The 2 coins mentioned above have been very reliable in terms of uptime and earnings.



another coin under the radar with masternode



BOS/KRW trading pair


OP- how did you get this list together?



Just getting in to MN’s. Are these both still producing for you?


BiblePay (BBP)

  • 10% Charity
  • Live Monthly Budget System
  • 38% Cancer Research


So according to that website, you buy 5000 pure coins, and you can make 50k in a year? Trustworthy?


Well, yes. On paper, you can. However, the amount of coins you make will change as more MN will be running and the price of the coin will flucuate.