List of good Masternode coins


I am saying the price predictions that website makes, are they accurate and trustworthy?


It’s not a prediction. It’s a calculation of todays numbers.

If you would run a PURE MN today, it would get 187 pure coin daily, thats a 133 daily income times 365 = 48.6k
That number changes every day as more MN will be running and the price of the coin will also fluctuate.
So, to be clear it is not a prediction and should not even be used to try and calculate the yearly profit tbh.

EDIT// Just checked that Pure coin btw, seems like 400 out of the 560 MN running “vanished”. Very suspicious.


Yeah I just wonder if its one of those sites that tell you to invest in some random coin. seems like the same sort of website, just presented a different way.


Sorry for the late reply. RUPX has been very good. MN pays out very frequently and coin value seems stable unlike many other MN coins that suffer from inflation (naturally). NTRN pay-outs are consistent but the coin value has dropped significantly so the ROIs are not good right now.


@Onneuzele- Just curious newb here. How did you go about finding these 400 missing Masternodes? I checked out two “reputable” sites that most people would trust and I see around 550-580 active nodes so far.

Also, I understand that it’s risky getting into Masternodes. Everyone is trying to find the next DASH, but apparently Pure is developing some decentralized exchange. If you could point me in the right direction in research that would greatly help.

And on a side note, is it feasible to cash out all rewards instantly until ROI is reached and then I guess hold the rest as float money to be used in other Masternodes or sell for straight mooncoin (bitcoin)?



Sorry, I should’ve used the date, according to (same site you used), the graphs says on the 6th of April 400 nodes were gone. Most are back online now tho.

About the research thing (btw, i do not own a MN), i think it’s thesame as any investment. Look and read through the whitepaper, are they still on track regarding roadmap?, who is the team?, what problem are they trying to solve? Have a clear picture of what this coin does and wants.

Like i said, i do not own a MN and i’m not sure about the payouts. I guess i would just convert to BTC (as that is what we want :slight_smile: ) untill ROI (like, convert every week or so?). You wouldn’t try a MN unless you are confident in the project (well, i guess some folks just play around) so after ROI you can just sit back and relax (maybe convert sometime for another MN), depending on what the coin does.


Forgetting to mention XLR (solaris) Masternode ( 1000 coins) children of Zcoin and gonna be as big as Zcoin is a big mistake ! :slight_smile:
Actually great rewards and they gonna launch an exchange using XLR … don’t miss that !


Modern finance chain


I tried many MN 's
The best is JIYO with very active team :
then Rupx :
at last SAGA (good MN but the problem is that the payments depend very much on luck)


+1 for RUPX it’s been very good to me as well.
I’m also in Jew (shekel) - seems to be a good buy now that the mass inflation is over. Very active development team. really easy to setup just like RUPX
Xxx - pretty new but has a functional usecase for cam girl payment. Price has thusfar been fairly stable. Still adding performers and working on the online platform but there is one girl you can tip in the discord using the bot. Also very easy to setup like RUPX.


Alqo (ALQO) is interesting.
I bought a week ago 10000 Alqo you Need for your Masternode.
Returns are 34 Alqo per day, so round about 1050 Alqo per month.


Very early days (a couple of weeks old) but this is very interesting - I’ve got a feeling these guys are going to nail it.



What do you think of Andcoin, it uses the android cpu to mine and they have masternodes.
This is their website and their forum They don’t have a whitepaper until later this year so i’m guessing their focus is purely on mining with android phones and secondary is masternode and proof of stake. If you have an old android phone doing nothing then it doesn’t hurt to mine a bit and grab some free coins when you mined up to a certain amount of shares. This is their discord link.


I got some old phones actually :stuck_out_tongue:
I already got my masternode for 2019 though, it will be mfx. So excited to start one


Deviant DEV and Pure are really great projects so its really Safe to invest in it. Deviant is close to 200k block so reward is rising to 60% for MN (now 50/50 pos/mn). If you can’t buy coins for full masternode, take a look into this multi invest site . It looks like proof of stake center for multiple invest. No need vps etc. Really great choice!!


Also alqo


LOKI in 7 months they will be doing a MN.


Modern Finance is doing a masternode. They are still in pre sale ico which will cut your cost back some.


I have been eyeing the news on Ambrosus’ MN tiers… Anyone dig into researching these yet? I’d really appreciate another set of eyes on this particular one lol

Sounds like node holders could find a lucrative set of returns even at entry level status… All hypothetical speculation at this point. Honestly though, it almost sounds too good to be true for the most part. I’m just not following the concept of the proposed “bundles”, the storage fees, the “Bundle challenges” or the claim of millions of bundles a day being transacted. Too many questions