List of good Masternode coins


CPChain will be the next VEN tiered masternode


Dash be a solid year for Dash.


Anyone have experience with Reliance (REL) masternode or staking?


This one look so tempting and too good too be trusted
If someone got one tell me more about it


well… $74k 24/Hr volume…not sure such a low volume can garner big returns…but I could be wrong:

The good news here is the token can be purchased on Crypto Bridge unlike many of the other master node coins I’ve seen that are on some never before heard of ghetto exchange I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.

And speaking of Cryptobridge, I have set up a Bitshares witness node, but the darn thing keeps crashing. Anyone else able to keep a bitshares witness node up and running?

I was motivated to set one up in order to better use cryptobridge because it seemed all the witness nodes kept going offline. NOW I KNOW WHY! error gist I find it hard to believe a major blockchain project cannot produce a masternode that can stay online without crashing repeatedly, but it seems to be the truth of the matter.


hi as a master node holder of these coins is there any work involved, i know vechain just asks holders to hold the coin and reward them


Excellent! Much needed! Please keep updating!


You won’t get returns as a masternode if you just hold the coins, even with Vechain.
You’ll need a dedicated IP address or something similar, how else can they validate the network


when the main net goes live, you transfer your ven over which then get converted to vet and you receive the return based on how many vet you hold


i think its basically an airdrop being marketed as a masternode so you just hold


Oh I see, I did some research and it appears they make a difference between authority masternode and economic (master)node.
But in the end the term masternode is to indicate that these nodes validate the network and create new blocks, and for that you have to connect your wallet to the network 24/7.


At this moment, Nyerium is the best
Started at a reasonable price
It is slow to grow, but it is acceptable


Anti Inflationary

Providing tremendous rewards for Staking, Master Nodes and Super Nodes, Vitae Token provides an increasing supply to those that receive rewards. Combined with our Social Rewards Platform, the generation of anti inflationary income is possible.


GIN is really good. They host over 7400 MN’s now. It provides a service it least compared to other projects.