Litcoin help needed please

Hi guys
I am new here and been trading past a month on Bitcoin and litcoin.
I bought the whole Litcoin but If i was thinking if i buy more litcoin let say $1000s worth will get me better return or still will be same return as buying single coin?
thank you

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Hi mate, not sure if this is a piss take but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.
Firstly don’t trade if you don’t know the basics.
Secondly to answer your question. If you buy 1 ltc at say $230 and it goes up to $250 if you cash that back to $ you have made $20. If it was 2 ltc with the same price movement your profits would be $40 and so on and so forth.
If you don’t cash out when you are in profit you are subject to the price of ltc moving either up or down.

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yes that what i though it would be double if i buy two ltc but i know the basics but wasnt sure about this…nothing wrong with asking anyway thx mate


Sure you want to buy at this time?

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