Litecoin blasting away 🤷🏾‍♂️

I can’t believe litecoin is blasting into space right now. I don’t get what’s going on but I should’ve bought litecoin when it was cheap. :confounded:


Start following respectable traders on twitter. They mentioned to buy LTC in the $90 to $99 range and hit certain targets. Nice chunk of change in the past week.


I bought 10 early May and I just sold 6 of them to buy 1/10th of a bitcoin but I’m holding off to see if the price (BTC) retraces a little.

In the long run, lightning network could kill off a lot of these low hash rate, low trx cost coins (maybe not Monero) but loads could fall.

If the price hits for litecoin to $150 - $160 then I’ll sell the last 4.


This is assuming that the lightning network ends up working. If it doesn’t, then who knows what could end up happening. I could see another coin ultimately supplanting BTC at the top of the foodchain in such an event, but IMO, it won’t be Litecoin for the simple reason that its name is not conducive to it being a serious global currency. Likewise, I don’t see it being any of the fake Bitcoin spin-offs either, due to them sharing the name of a tainted, failed product.


I agree with your point regarding lightning network and off chain transactions working. So far Lightning Network is progressing very well. A few months back I remember hearing that lightning network had more nodes then that cheap chinese knockoff called bcash.