LITECOIN Cost Averaging Template


Final 2017 Cost Avg Template here!

Here I show how I cut out starbucks and instead invested into litecoin.

Those starbucks gainz tho!


Final day of DCA! Those gains tho!!!

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LTC is one of my long term holds…


good good… its such a stable coin


Thanks for this! Time to be organized.


do it! and let us know your results!


Ah… That’s how you document!


document everything!


Hi Peter,

I’m with you to the moon bro. BTW nice to know you and thank you for contributing hand down.


no problem! just remember to show us your results!


Dude you saves me having to go rewatch vids to get what I needed here. Thank you


Litecoin has been a little bit sluggish the past few days.

Still very optimistic about LTC in the long run! I’m a holder as well. Not planning on selling it anytime soon.


Ok, from one year more or less my family became from one person (me) to 3 (my partner and my daughter). The salary still one (plus a little extra), so I had to make a budget, monthly budget to see incomes and expanses. And it is not so easy, but we never died of this, we had some moments tough, but the knowledge of what we spend it is a great helper to get calm and don’t waste the money.
Thanks to this I got my small money to start to invest in crypto.
So now I already cut some waste from my life, but next will be:

  1. the contract of mobile phones are expiring and I will find a way to save another 20/30 €/month
  2. we are buying a flat, and we will find a newer flat to cut some money of bills
  3. I will cut stupid and useless eat out to keep them for moments of celebration, not lazy moments
  4. I closed my kindle unlimited account, 10 €/month for books that I could write (and I am not a writer)


Long story short, I am SOLD, I have done my research and I agree with the Doge Lord’s thoughts on LTC and this spreadsheet is mind blowing. :grin:

LTC is one of my core holdings and long-term HODL! :nerd_face:


Peter this is amazing! I have just created a copy of your Google sheet and will begin to purchase $100 of Litecoin per week. I have set up a reminder for myself every Friday night for the next 12 months.


This is very Crazy P can you imagine accumulate so many LTC? and after that you sold everything when we had the fucking pump near 100 USD this september? haha crazy shit

Good job.:smirk:


Yo. In it to win it!


Do you think it is still worth doing this with LTC? I am thinking to do the same but perhaps with another coin? thoughts guys?


Probably another coin try it.


i don’t get it…does it pull the current price or do you have to enter everything manually?


Everything is manual. It’s good for the brain