LITECOIN Cost Averaging Template


Strange Template but i will using it :grin::smirk::smirk::smirk:


Well am using @peter template with quite some variations. Am trying ICONOMI BLX and BMC.


Yes, do the same with BTC :slight_smile:


Love it, now need to figure out how much my budget allows and decide on what coin(s) to put it towards!


I love a good spreadsheet. Iโ€™m doing the same sort of thing with my own investments, but got a bit carried away with bar charts. Itโ€™s the only way I can really keep track of how (badly) Iโ€™m doing. But this gives me confidence my luck will change! Just gotta keep going :slight_smile:


How did you calculate how much shares you got per $100 dollars?


When you purchase your LTC on your exchange it will tell you how much you are getting.


It doesnโ€™t say this very new to this.


It should say on your purchase. And you can look at your account balance and itโ€™ll show you how much you got.


Some of Dollar cost average proof for Coins , ETH , NEO, XMR , XRP , DOGE.







P.S : Got proofs from some resources(not mine)

Conclusion : Always HODL got coins :slight_smile: with the Dollar Cost Average.


Excellent! This is a great start!


Amazing @peter !!! You havenโ€™t updated recently with Litecoin prices in the 90s! Imagine what profits are looking like right now!


Itโ€™s all looking quite good! So far!


If i were to start Dollar cost averaging on a few coins say $300 / month and $100 / coin what would be 3 coins you would suggest to start going forward? I was thinking maybe Vertcoin and Ripple. Any thoughts ? recommendations ?


Keep getting into lite coin itโ€™s undervalued and can see it being big in Asia markets :grinning:


LTC $102! My spreadsheet is looking pretty sweet too! :wink:


Sweet! Keep crushing it girl! To the moon!


got my cost averaging going on Litecoin. Thanks to Peter for his template, i made a few additions to suit me.


boom! you can do these with other coins tooโ€ฆ like BTC!


my next move is to put $200-$500 towards BTC. gotta convince the wife first hahaha. but this spreadsheet is the way to get her on board to actually see how it all will play out over time. i would like to test my hand at a little swing trading action on alts but Iโ€™m holding off until i get some more knowledge of them under my belt.