LITECOIN Cost Averaging Template


Would Litecoin still be a sensible choice for someone just entering the Crypto-Market to invest €100 a month within. As the price has sky-rocketed since this inception of dollar-cost averaging for this thread; would an alternative such as NEO or XMR be more suitable to long-term holding with Dollar-Cost-Averaging or is lite-coin still a good investment going forward into 2018.


Updated with my final cost averaging on LTC for 2017!

Those gains tho!

365 Day Experiment with CHUCK (LTC) is Done! What Coin Next? YOU DECIDE!

Can’t access the file @Peter. Brings up Error 404!
Please help!


Google doc is fine. The excel is gone!


Google doc worked. Thanks


Would you be able to share your sheet please so we can re-use it? Thanks in advance!


Sure i will upload with google docs and share when i can later in the day. Would you prefer that or i email you a copy from excel? If so just PM me your email and i will shoot it over to you.


I’m new here so I’m not sure how to PM you, I went to your profile but I don’t see any buttons for direct messaging. In this case, the public Google Sheet would help a lot if you share a link. Maybe others would be interested to make a copy as well. Thanks again!


just click on the user’s avatar and hit that message button…


I don’t see that option, maybe since I’m a new user, the direct messaging is not allowed yet.


Here is the link to my LTC Cost Averaging Template. There is a second tab on there that i put together for BTC, but that is a different setup than my LTC tab.

I recently sold off my LTC position for ICX so i have not updated this for a few weeks but all of the formulas are in place that you can put in whatever numbers you want and it will function.

enjoy and i hope this helps!


whats crazy is that these are my only cash investments made into crypto ever and I’m sitting on $3k today.


you’re right. lol. you don’t have that privilege quite yet.


2017 Bitcoin in Review from The Dogelord

Awesome! Thanks man.




My splurge is BOA’s cafe and the vending machine getting monsters. :slight_smile: I believe I can eliminate by bringing a lunch. It was interesting looking at your DCA Litecoin sheet again. Notice the ramp up the end of April/Early May — HODL :slight_smile:


Thanks for this i can use as a template for myself. I have been very bad at keeping my own records which i really need to improve. Now i need to go over all my bank records and previous trades to get all the info together. Thanks again and that is some awesome gains well done mate.


Please re-up the template, thanks!
Greetings from Germany


DCA is an extremely simple strategy to use, you don’t need to think much, you just do the same thing over and over again


it only works in a bull market :frowning:


That doesn’t make any sense.
Bear markets turn into bull.
DCA during bear avg up/down is good PREPARATION for bull.