Litecoin Lisa - Crypto Communities are WOKE! - Connected and Powerful Together!


A wonderful conversation with a wonderful human being!

I can’t wait to see what Lisa is capable of!

Bringing the litecoin community into YEN would be so awesome!


Subscribe to her Youtube channel here!

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Can’t wait to get onboard :yenicorndeal:

Edit: Nice car! I like the free sponsors idea…:ok_hand:

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We’re just crypto people helping other crypto people. Why the F not?


Huge respect Peter. It totally makes sense but I don’t see many people doing this… Stay the course :100:

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Why Litecoin Prices Have Doubled This Year

Great interview! Something I could really agree with is the fact that the “gov” is taking its time with implementing block-chain into voting. Something else that i could agree with is that crypto definitely causes you to wake up and search for more truth of how your a slave to the old fiat system.


After you’ve accepted that crypto isn’t entirely a scam, you fall into a rabbit hole of learning and understanding that really changes your perspective. How has have you changed the way you spend and save since you found crypto enlightenment @Ty_Lbs ?


Personally I never thought that crypto was a scam of any sorts, I’ve been involved since 2013. I just recently as of last year really started to dive deeper into the field, the depth of the technology and what it could really offer to the masses. That curiosity is what caused me to dig further for solid evidence to support reasoning of investing and why my passion about cryto is so strong. As far as spending and saving that was taught to me by a mentor 3 years ago who is financially free and had results I wanted to achieve.