Little Help From The Pub



A friend on fb was very bullish on BTC, but he just recently commented on a post of mine about BTC. Anyone heard of this and where he might be getting this information from? He is pretty big into conspiracies. Sounds like FUD to me, but I would like to hear everyone in the Pub’s take on this.

Here is his comment: “Putin made Bitcoin to destroy the dollar. If it doesn’t switch to hashgraph I’m not involved in any of it. Completely out. Until hashgraph takes over. I’ll accept it but I immediately exchange it into something that is tangible. Cryptocurrency has to flow. Same as the dollar. the only way you would want to save it or treat it like a stock is if it’s backed by something like gold silver or assets. I was a Believer until I discovered Putin created it. It’s controlled by the Russian mafia. Believe it or not go try to buy a few million dollars worth you’ll be dealing with the mafia. Not against cryptocurrency or the movement. It’s just designed for a civil war. To weaken the economy before the attack.”

What is your take on this and where would he be seeing this info?


He must have been searching some dank web sites to get that info. Did you ask for a source.


I did. He has yet to reply.


Does your friend have a tinfoil hat?


It looks like a tinfoil version of a Kentucky Derby hat!


Here is his reply. “Dan Peña, London real,
Mike Maloney, goldsilver. Com”

I don’t recognize any of these names, but I’m sure they have something to lose if BTC succeeds. Especially the Gold Silver.



Cogency rating - 0 out of 10
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I recognize this guy now. Haha, what a joke.


This is another reason I came off Facebook. Couldn’t handle people’s silly comments :joy: