Lolli: Earn free bitcoin when you shop online

Lolli is the first rewards application that lets you earn bitcoin when you shop online. We’ve partnered with 500+ top brands that pay us a % of each sale we send them – we then split that % with you, sending bitcoin to your Lolli wallet! :purple_heart:

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Huh. Haven’t tried it yet:


:heart: the idea, didn’t find enough reviews & Security Alerts trigger when I launch site. My Concern is

For my :brain:, this reads red flags but my POV is poop. If anyone in the pub has used it I’d be interested in the rate reward detail. That is mysteriously left out​:woman_shrugging:


I am also curious, did anyone using it should we sing up. how that monitoring is going to work for privacy?

5.2.2 By installing the Lolli Browser Extension, we will collect and store information obtained from your use of the Lolli Browser Extension. This information includes, but is not limited to, information about the coupons, deals, merchants, and offers you click on through the Lolli Browser Extension. The Lolli Browser Extension may also collect and store information about the websites you view even when you are not interacting with the Lolli Browser Extension (“Passive Data”). Passive Data includes, but is not limited, to URLs of web pages visited, general information about the visited web page, product searches, product search results, information about products added to cart, confirmation page details, and other product information. We may share or sell Passive Data on an aggregated and anonymized basis with our business partners and affiliates. You may turn off data collection by the Lolli Browser Extension by uninstalling the Lolli Browser Extension. Use of the information collected by the Lolli Browser Extension is subject to this Agreement and the Privacy Policy.

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Adoption coming!

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