Looking for a good place to post articles/blogging

Hello pub!

Yesterday I did some thinking and realize that would be a good idea start writing again for a number of reasons.

In the past I had a blog in Portuguese about Cyber Security and related topics, something like 5k articles written and 20k hits per month and I would like to revive this, share useful information about what I know with other people and in some way help someone. Now I want to write in English to improve my skills with it, reach a larger audience and be accessible for my home country and other places that I might live.

My main dilema now is where I post these and continue my writing journey?

Set up a regular blog is a pain in the ass for me because I’m not good with programming stuff (ironic right?) and because is basically a hacking website, so everyone will try hack it just to test my skills (if I receive a penny for each time someone try hack me I could be rich :joy:).

I was looking into AWS + CMS, Medium, Steemit and Social Networks.

So I ask you guys, any suggestions of where post this kind of stuff? I write mainly about cyber security, but tech, gaming, crypto (just scratching the surface), life in general, aren’t discarded. Would be nice monetize it (looking at Steemit for this) but isn’t necessary, I wrote for 5 years for nothing besides help and inform. :man_shrugging:


start a wordpress blog. there’s a lot of reasons for this… but, here are two articles i’ve written about it:


and, the most important: https://john.do/today/

just get started.


With that amount of traffic why would you have stopped blogging… zzz


I’ve used https://www.blogger.com/ for years. Simple, su just concentrate on the writing. :slight_smile:


Beautiful and enlightening articles and blog.

I used for most of my time WP and I like it, my only concern is have to deal with some plugin gets vulnerable and everything I did become at risk.

and @erics I stopped because information security was a hobby for me. Study and hack stuff was just for fun and write it was for show to my friends something like “this is what I’m doing”, “That’s how I did it” that they ask me about. Centralizing the information that a bunch of people wanna know.

Now information security is my job and exhausted my time and desire. I studied and deal with it all day long, when I have free time the last thing that I would do was more hacking stuff. Simple turn out to be unpleasant my hobby becoming my job so I quit. Now I want to get back because I’m more mature about the subject and this could help me in my career and because I miss the content creation routine.

I used and liked a lot Postach.io, publishing right from Evernote but is very simple and limited.

I thought I’d use Medium because have a professional look and that’s good, but WP is good too for other stuff. Youtube was an option, convert all of this in video format, but I’m a denial with a camera :smiley:


I use steemit and medium for that sort of stuff…


fuck medium. don’t use it as the canonical source… reposting there is fine, but, owning your content 100% is crucial.


@john is master level blogger. His current status is high wizard


wordpress is the shite (that’s Irish for listen to john)
it’s a great platform will give you the most freedom has a ton of support, documentation, pay as you grow plugins, and you can stand it all up in an afternoon and tweak it for decades…just go WP


I’m 100% with you Wordpress lovers, owning your own content is the way to go in the long run and all off my websites are built in Wordpress. Anyone remember GeoCities?

~ That said, Medium and Steemit are good for SEO and provide a great way to garner traffic and inbound links to your main website. If you’re on either of those two channels add me at: https://steemit.com/@gregbeddor and https://medium.com/@greg.beddor

~ cheers :beers:


I’m going with WP and repost on Medium and Steemit, right now I’m translating the articles and waiting my Steemit account get approved.

Thanks for the tips :wink:

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