[Looking for feedback] Sharpn Staking Platform

Hi everyone,

We are currently running for ICON P-Rep election, we’re willing to create a platform to provide ICONist the best staking experience possible. We released a demo of our platform to know the opinion of the ICONists and iterate in order to have a platform that meets real needs.
A demo is available : http://prep.sharpn.tech , it will be functionnal once the smart contract are deployed !

The whole point of ICONSENSUS is to elect a strong set of Main P-Reps, ICONist are encouraged to split their votes between solid and ambitious candidates to give a good dynamic to the ecosystem and make it more decentralized. The problem for a voter is therefore to have to follow the news, actions and performance of many candidates, which can quickly become time-consuming. We want our platform to help P-Reps be more transparent and communicate better. We will open-source and make our platform available and fully customizable once the developement is over !

Here are our current features :

  • Dashboard : When arriving on the platform, users can consult at a glance the performance of the P-Reps, get the latest news and get in touch with the team!

  • Dump-Control: In a matter of transparency and in order to keep the price of ICON healthy, this part allows the P-Rep to list all rewards expenses and funds move.

  • Rewards: A P-Rep will be able to reward its long-term users with a small portion of it’s reward. We believe that this feature could bring more interactions on the platform (especially from the ““lazy”” users) and have good side for ICON price. We will conduct an analysis toward ICONgress about benefits and drawbacks of this kind of policy when we’ll have enough datas !

  • Governance: This feature will allow a P-Rep to involve its voters in its decision-making . the votes will be on-chain thanks to a smart contract and ICONist will be able to vote on ICONex !

What do you guys think about it ? We’re currently exploring adding a News and Actuality HUB, Educational content library, ICON stats section (supply changes, IScore, etc…)

Your feedbacks matters :pray:, have a great day ! (You can follow us on twitter @sharpntech)


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