Looking for help changing the function of a Wordpress template. Can pay in Crypto 🤑

Hi All,

I am looking to create a simple small jobs site in Scotland, especially my area where people can post any job needing done.

I have a template/site just now where users can post a job they are willing to do and people needing that job done can message them.

What i am looking for is the opposite way around, people post job - workers send a quote.

Is there anyone out there that can help recode the site?



Hey Craig, I’ve been professionally developing with WordPress for over 10 years, I’ll send you a PM.


I could help you out with this, not me exactly but my friends from a company that are ready to give assistance to people with questions like yours. They can do a ecommerce site with wordpress or any other sites. I can assure click here and you will not regret if you appeal to their services. Because they helped me with my platform. I am from UK, and asked them to help me out with the site. And I can say just good things, I even have and advertising on it. You’ll be surprised about their work.

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