Looking for info on bitminutes (bmt)

Just wondering if anyone had information about bitminutes. (https://www.bitminutes.com/) They have strong advisors and backers including:

Former CEO of SWIFT

Former in-house counsel at MasterCard and the OCC

Founder at Draper Associates/DFJ/Draper University

Just curious if anyone has heard anything about this project. Thanks…

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I just recently picked up on this and about to jump in. What was your thoughts? I see this as an alternative to TEL

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I have done limited research, I won’t lie. I mention it because it came from a trusted source close to the crypto world. Very similar to TEL. I like that Tim Draper is involved and they are truly taking the steps to work with the SEC. Those two reasons alone sparked my interest…


It is similar but what I like about BMT is that it is leveraging what people do in under banked countries, selling telephone minutes as a form of currency and this seems like a logical step to put this to a larger international setting. I am keeping close eyes on this one. I also have big hopes for TEL and have a small holding in that as well.

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