Looking to buy a WHITE Logitech G305 Mouse


New or gently used please.


I have a multi button one



Thats the only one that I have found. I didn’t actually know they made a white mouse lol. Computer mice are fairly easy to customize. I did a few camo wraps on them for my dad and his friends. It was actually a hydro dip if you know what that is.


you can hydro dip anything. my suggestion is, find the mouse you want, then take the plastic shell off and dip it.


Nekko, Grillingwithguns,That’s a great idea, thanks! I’m trying to get it as a birthday gift for my wife, but everyone is sold out for the next few months. Not even ebay or the manufaceruer has one available. Maybe I’ll buy the black model and do a hydro-dip.

lol Peter, thanks anyway.


Its fun and pretty easy with a small project like this now doing a gun stock that is a different animal hehe. You can get all kinds of designs with the hydro dip so you may find something she would like even better.