Loopring - Thoughts?



Have been doing a bit of research into Loopring. It looks like a promising project if they can get a wallet released. I like the tech. Also having Da Hongfei as an advisor doesnt hurt. Any thoughts?



Loopring has been one of my favorite longterm projects to be invested it. Crypto Lark recently made a video that does an awesome job of making it easier for the average Joe to understand.

I also did a small Q&A Here.

Exciting stuff happening with this :slight_smile:.


Excellent due diligence! I’m glad they were happy to answer your questions. I think they show some real promise. Also a huge fan of The Crypto Lark. Great content.
Appreciate your response!


(lol) Just buying my 2nd Round of this tonight. :cowboy_hat_face: Though I know the trend for ALTs is down right now - I have a 1 week buy-in deadline. Not going ‘bigly’ just enough to keep me watching. :dragon::dragon_face: DL


I’m not to worried about the alt trend being down. It’s honestly just been giving me some more time too research and buy in at these optimal levels (in most cases), I’ve been buying them up like they’re going out of style lol. Though I do have my set amount that I contribute to BTC, LTC, and NEO each week :slight_smile: I think I’m going to have to add this one to my list of long term HODLs (which is pretty well my whole portfolio) hahah.


I must admit that I saw this a while back, did some research, and was convinced it was a great investment… until I found out that I couldn’t! It is not on Bittrex, and has been suspended on Binance. Does anyone here own some loopring, and if yes, which exchange did you use?


EthDelta (PITA) HitBTC (slowtrades)


Thanks @Hexdek16! Unfortunately I don’t have accounts on those two exchanges. Making an account just for this coin is probably a little too much of a hassle…


Understood - I am not betting the farm on this coin. just collecting Data. :mag:


I wish Shapeshift or Changelly would have loopring though… I’m willing to pay that extra fee to avoid the hassle of signing up on another exchange.


I imagine Exodus Eden Wallet will get onboard with this in the future, I’m just trying to :shark: jump the shark. :cowboy_hat_face:


EtherDelta gives me nightmares. Try to stay away from it lol. HitBTC has high fees but it’s very easy to setup an account and buy there. I hope Binance re-lists soon because that’s what most are waiting for.


@285 I am looking to buy in again.


I’ve been looking at those prices too but I already have enough :stuck_out_tongue:.


I avoid EtherDelta like that plague lol. I consider myself a very patient person but i have to draw the line somewhere haha. Binance relisting would be nice. I heard it was loopring’s choice to be taken off of the exchange?


Yeah it was their choice. They wanted to be compliant with China’s temporary ban so they de-listed themselves.


So anyone increasing their position in LRC or getting into it?

Pretty cool with a decentralized exchange backend that provide better security and better prices for the investors.


Holy shit - up 50% !



Hey folks - whats up - can we get some more promo talk in here? Performance just awesome today :star_struck:


I was just looking into his token. Looks promising. U invested?