Loopring - Thoughts?



Still doing some research - not sure whats on in this at the moment


I just bought some. I know its gone up a lot today, but I think the potential is huge.


Bought in now too - let’s go :muscle::sunglasses:


I just bought into it too. Awesome team (ex Google, Alibaba, PayPal) with some serious backers. At $100m it’s flying under the radar.


I am increasing my position in LRC. Think it will take off.

A protocol to get better prices when trading ERC-20 (ETH blockchain) based tokens, that is huge. Throw in added security when trading in that you do not have to deposit your funds onto exchances (fees & unsecure) and protection from exchange bankrupts as well as DDOS.


I only have a ~1k position, which is now at ~1200. It definitely will be used by most major exchanges + decentralized exchanges of the future, but is it sexy enough to 10x+ from here? I hope so.


I have made a good amount from it :blush:. Currently creating creating an exit strategy. Not because I don’t believe in LRC, but I need to do some profit taking since I’ve been holding roughly since 2 cents.


That’s the question… Who is in on this?


How people feel about Loopring now? Came across this when I was looking Icon.
Not sure, why loopring has it’s own token. Seems like Icon made loopring.


I haven’t kept up with Loopring in a very long time, but it seems they’re doing well for themselves. They’ve been viable enough to be considered for Coinbase Custody, so I think it’s worth diving in and researching.

Also, ICON has no relations to Loopring, but I do know that NEO is a strategic partner.


Thank for the info. I am curious about this one. Not a serious buy yet.