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Throwing this out there to the Pub :beers: to Join me in a Fun Project and to share a good idea :bulb: which I had a few weeks back when I was researching Nano and swing trading. It was regarding friction in investing, banking and trading. One of the :heavy_dollar_sign: of trading/investing in :btc: is in transfer/purchase/trading FEES fees,fees,fees :face_vomiting: Yuck! Also, I am learning/teaching myself how to be a (better?) trader - because I find it fun, but I am not willing to risk large capital and suffer loss learning.

Enter Robinhood :trophy: and the dreaded :bank: banking institution and my work-around all them fees. I like many people always have loose change hanging around. It’s never enough on it’s own to constitute doing much with, every couple of weeks when my coin jar gets full and I am making a bank trip I will take it with me to toss in my checking account. Now, $15-20 is not much to be worth investing in using services such as coinbase as they hit you up with that $2.99 fee which makes it cost prohibitive. Then The Idea :bulb: :cowboy_hat_face:

Setting up a Robinhood account was free, linking it to my checking account also free - doing an ACH transfer from my bank to Robinhood again FREE making a :btc: purchase on Robinhood (any amount) also free. See where this is going? :thinking:

So every day now, when I come home and empty my pockets often I have change, so I count the amount - today was .28 cents. I punch up my Robinhood App transfer .28 buy BTC and deposit the change in my jar to take to the bank at a later date.

Now this will not make you Rich Beyond your Wildest Dreams Today - but it’s an interesting experiment! :face_with_monocle: All with 0 Fees! As well, if you are adventurous you can also trade your :btc: no mater of it’s .01 cent or $100 :dollar: Dollars … for Free :+1: and previously only BTC & ETH were the only available crypto markets to purchase - Robinhood has now opened it to LTC, and Bcash for purchases & trading.

NOTE: Currently crypto investing/trading is only Exposure to the price of the selected market crypto - so you DO NOT own the actual coin or token. Please understand this… Robinhood has plans down the road to develop wallets to allow users to hold the actual product and potentially transfer coins/tokens in and out. For now all sell orders, settlements and withdraws are in USD! :dollar: NOT :btc: :eth: :ltc: or Bcash.

You can also invest in stocks as well :sunglasses: so if you choose there is more than just crypto. As well you can try your hand at trading, and learning markets with out a :moneybag: ton of cash at risk or any Fees. :hugs:

In a matter of a couple of months, I’ve managed to turn all that “Loose Change” into $129.69 … not to shabby, lots of fun :tada: who knows, … in time :alarm_clock: it could really stack up! Who knows :question:

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Sending $10,000 right now :rofl:

That is pretty decent though. No fees are really where it’s at for trading. Good things right here :+1:


(lol) Baller! :cowboy_hat_face: It’s interesting because I have received more “FRICTION” from people on social media, twitter, youtube, etc. over the benefits of Robinhood vs. Coinbase than any other topic recently. This leads me to believe they might be on to something 'Bigly’ :hulksmash:

I personally like to possess my coins/tokens far away in a :snowflake: cold space and not near the :fire: heat of the markets.

That said, it’s fun :tada: to trade :chart_with_downwards_trend: and watch markets live, and doing it without cost/fees is like playing a video game in an old style arcade with out quarters or tokens. IMHO

To be a successful experiment, only time will tell more. So far, so good! :cowboy_hat_face:


You might be onto something here. $20 is fun money, and in this world, you could maybe turn it into $30 or $40 or a hundred…and then what?

Good idea, maybe I’ll try it out.


sharing this to the larger community…! this is great! and the emoji game… so strong.


Love this. Good luck with it and stay the course :slight_smile:

I started a similar habit almost 3 years ago with automatic Digit to Robinhood savings.

Basically Digit drafts my bank account every couple of days for random amounts. Once it builds up to more than $100 I transfer it to Robinhood and buy stock. All commission free. 3 years in (and a raging bull market) this small habit change has grown to over $20k. That’s a lot of money for me that I would have otherwise found ways to spend.


Just a 2 week :chart: update for the Community I ran the numbers and with accounting for 2 trades & going to an all cash postion 3X with an additional $28.39 in loose change (I cleaned out the change in the :oncoming_automobile:) the “Experiment” :radioactive: is proceeding well. and to date has provided an estimated return of 28.49% . I took the screen capture @ $198.00 because it represented a nice round figure, as I write this it is around $197.20 and has been as high as $199.23 in :btc:

Not time to pop any corks :champagne: but as an experiment in savings,trading & investing it is off to a nice start. I was able to capitalize on the recent ETF News … which was FUD (this I knew) so I sold @ $8,414.05 and place a buy @ $7,974.20 which was my first TA Trade ever. #winning

I hope some people have done this experiment for themselves, and if you have please feel free to share your experiences. Note: I did miss the Doge :doge: trade when Robinhood added that to it’s crypto investment options. Sorry @peter I could have had some crushing Gainz :pdealwithit: Next time, next time …


Just a Quick update on the Robinhood Project:

Easy Rip. Watch what happens in the next 45 Days! :cowboy_hat_face:


I’m going to add this, because I am ashamed. :cry: I had this very account ripped up to $288.

Even as I write this, it’s $229.05. I moved my position from BTC :btc: to ticker NIO. I do hold $28 currently in BTC. I will go back to BTC on the way down, picking up and doing DCA over the next week. My Project, My Trade.

Not investment advice, I am just a guy on the inter-webs (lol) :cowboy_hat_face:


I like the fact that you’ve done this with pocket change, on a fee-less exchange. I’ve done zero trades at this point (I’m DCA only), but I’m ready to start testing the waters. I like that Robinhood allows you to use crypto with real fiat. My only short term concern is the tax liability, but I guess that’s part of doing business.


Thanks @Amp112506 it’s my second Loose change experiment and I am beginning to put together video for my Crypto for the Common Man YouTube Channel. One of the core values I have for the channel is:


Adding to that crypto fund, the loose change addition this week was $7.85 which is now being invested into :etc: Ethereum Classic. The NIO stock which initial was a ‘High Flyer’ has leveled off to $8.56 per share, so the portfolio is now at $208.63. LT Prospect for NIO is a ‘swing trade’ as I expect it rise exponential over time. My thesis (roughly stated) is that it is a kin to China’s :cn: Tesla. China being the dominate growing economy is my premise.

Currently, bitcoin is $6,796.62 which I have placed a sell order in @ $6,824 expecting a retraction in price. I will be creating a spreadsheet to track the portfolio performance to better demonstrate the growth of this project. Currently the performance level is @ 8% (so average) :open_mouth: but I am not dismayed, as it will be 3 months October 6th from my initial investment in a bear market.

If you are doing something similar I would love to hear about your ideas, projects of methods of building wealth from small beginings. :+1:


Today’s Deposit from this week:

Going in to DCA on some ETC :etc: and Boom! :boom:

It’s that fast and easy to trade, purchase and build wealth in Cryptocurrency :btc:

I encourage you to check it out for yourself. Enjoy! :cowboy_hat_face:


I know I hammer hard at this project. But I really want to get this out in the Crypto Space. Here on the Pub :beer: and on Sundrop.io :strawberry::unicorn::rainbow: the beta test site for Yen.io It is why I am obsessed with the concept of Friction and currency (crypto related) that can solve a Major Problem. #xrp Is solving this problem. Robinhood is solving this problem.

I personally :heart: Robinhood - I would be ecstatic if they gave opportunity for us to invest in this coin/token.


Yes it would seem that some companies are getting around the fact that the SEC isn’t allowing etfs yet but rounding up your change from your accts works just as well…
I currently have had an ACORNS account for 2 years now that initially started that idea rolling…What’s nice about is that I can pull money out when I need it especially at xmas time or for a bill.
Also Robinhood isn’t the only group that’s doing that with crypto…there’s already a few other apps but sticking with one that’s credible is key.
I’m sure Acorns will get into it at some point too


Yeah - I agree and there was a recent shark tank video about https://twitter.com/bundilapp $3 remittance per month - that is WACK! :troll:

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Just an update to the Loose Change - Robinhood Project since it has been a while. I started posting about this Project on July 1st 2017. Scroll Up and read the initial post to understand what is being done.

Overall I am pleased with the results of such a small :seedling: effort.
It has become some what of a :chess_pawn: Game, but with a powerful purpose. I am hoping to grow this account to the goal of :heavy_dollar_sign: 1000.00 by the end of one year, and $10K after 5 years of continuous maintenance and :droplet: drip based investing. :cowboy_hat_face:

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So how much would you have if you had simply kept your change in a piggy bank rather than buying BTC?

It’s a nice 6 month experiment you’ve got going on.

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$318.63 Total Invested (or on hand) to date, which at the moment with the balance at the time of this writing ($383.65) roughly sets me @ a 17% Gain so far, which varies greatly with Crypto Currencies. Also, I have to account for my capital gains/losses for 2018 Taxes. (TBD)

Two things to note with this experiment, is it has all been accomplished with “Loose Change” or meaningless money as one friend told me. :smile: (Including that penny I picked up in the gas station parking lot 3 nights ago) :fuelpump: Fuel for the Project.

Note: I do hold 2 shares of CRON a :seedling: Pot Stock (of sorts) lol! #recessionproof and 1 Share of SDS wich is a ProShares UltraShort S&P 500 ETF. The remaining is in :etc: :ltc: and :dollar: (I liquidated my :btc: yesterday) and will re-enter shortly here in the near future. Saved 3% on that decision currently. :cowboy_hat_face:

If you would like to join me in this experiment yourself feel free to used my pinned tweet on my Twitter Page. Disclaimer it’s a Referral Link and you will receive a FREE Stock for signing up! (and so will I) :+1:

I :heart: the Robinhood App and I have paid ZERO FEES for purchasing/trading/investing in crypto-currencies or Stocks. Complete WIN/WIN!


That moment when you saw the head and shoulders play…