Loppnow family travels Korea spreading YEN


We are traveling and teaching in Korea (relationship skills and Immanuel life). For fun we will wear a t-shirt in various places in Korea.

More to come…

Got my shirt before I join my family in Korea. (La Crescenta, CA)


My daughter at the top of Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak [UNESCO World Heritage] (성산일출봉)


The Loppnow family visits Manjanggul Cave [UNESCO World Heritage] (만장굴 [유네스코 세계자연유산])

Father + Daughter bringing YEN to the ends of the earth.

Zoe doing her thing.

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Awesome! Love the shirts!


i can’t like these enough! so good!


There will be more as we go to new places. Appreciate the support. We are having fun as a family. Everyone is supportive of wearing the YEN shirt, but my daughter is the most intentional. Its fun to see. :slight_smile:


Here are two videos of my daugther, Zoe, bringing the YEN community to 2 unique places in Korea. High above the world and below. I’m hoping we can get the family involved, but she is the most ready and willing. I’m wondering how she can be an active part of the YEN community,. Any ideas?


Epic. I can’t wait to share with our specific audience that needs to see this! :slight_smile:


Our family spreading the good news of YEN on Udo taking the 3 wheel “car” all around the small island.

We traveled to an even smaller island called Pea-yang-do

I was able to get a response from a local resident on Udo (small island in Korea). I asked them about YEN.



some of the best stuff ever! sharing!


Thank you @john + @peter my family is encouraged. :slight_smile:
Its fun.

My wife asked, “Why are you into YEN now?”


Thanks for sharing! I agree with the locals, Yen to the moon.:):grinning::rocket:
Awesome shirt! :heart_eyes:


Yes, we have the t-shirt maker in the house!
Thank you @Jonjarash for making sure I got the shirt before I left for Korea.


As our @dogelord would say, I got you fam.
Thank you for your support.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @dogelord display help.


We visit the WORLD CUP STADIUM in Seoul, Korea.
You’ll never guess what we found?
Yup, YEN!

I’m “with” the famous coach, Guus Hiddink, of the 2002 Korea World Cup Team.

My daughter, Zoe, does some announcing with the YEN t-shirt on.

Even Guus Hiddink supports YEN!



Young “TV” announcer Zoe Loppnow shares about YEN


this is the best! love love love!


One of the hottest days in Korea I traveled from Hongdae to Anyang to go swimming at a pool. I had to make a transfer and only ran into a little issue. But, we got to where we needed to be.

Spreading the good news of YEN in the subways


Bringing YEN to the subway of Korea.


It is our last night in Korea and it is freaking HOT!
I even got a text warning from my phone telling me to be careful.
But, DO NOT worry, YEN is still in the streets with the people.