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There were rats and snakes but no room for excuses this time around.

This field is one hot mess.

When the season was over last year I kind of just let it go.

Mistake. Big mistake.

Because now it’s awful.

Weeds grew over the cover and it’s going to take so much more work to clean it up. I let so many weeds go to seed which means even more weed pressure this year.

I could have come up with a million excuses today to not get out and start cleaning this field.

Such as - It would be tons easier to pull all this ground cover up with the tractor,

but It would be just as fast to pull it by hand.

Then there’s this…

Yeah. Where there’s rats, there’s snakes. I’ll surely see a snake today.

But you see resistance and excuses are the biggest enemy of consistency. If you are consistent in doing something, there will be resistance.

The%20Grind%20is%20Real So let’s talk about consistency today.
If there’s one thing I’ve learned from farming - it’s consistency. It requires consistent action, production, work, and doing.

You can’t put things off.

You can’t procrastinate.

Because seasons, months, days—they don’t wait. Things HAVE to get done on time. This world is constantly spinning and you have to spin with it. You can’t stop.

Consistency takes a crap ton of discipline though. That’s where most people fail. They don’t have the discipline to be consistent.

Most have good intentions when they start a new project or have a goal in mind. But most people fail to realize what it REALLY takes to make those things become a reality.

It takes a lot of work. Consistently.

Consistency is probably the most important thing to being successful.

Look at anyone who is successful in life. You will find that consistency is what got them there.

bluebarn%20farm It’s Got to Be Done
Body builders - do you think they go to the gym when they feel like it?

Athletes- do they practice when it’s convenient?

Businesses - they retain customers through consistency.

Trust and loyalty is built through consistency. A lack of it can cause confusion.

You have to fully dedicate yourself completely. This is where most people give up.

They’re not consistent in their work. They’re not all in. Not committed. It starts to get old. It gets redundant.

It becomes less and less fun to show up for work everyday. But a lack of consistency can bring on a lack of interest.

I get it.

It’s so much easier to move on to something else when the work gets hard or the goal seems too high.

The resistance overtakes you. And You come up with an excuse as to why this new idea or new project will be time better spent.

So you let the old project go and give in to the resistance.

But see, you’ll never really know what the outcome could have been if you’d kept working consistently at it.

That project just does. Gets pushed to the back burner and gets forgotten.

Let me give you an example of how far being consistent can take you.

The first year we started blueberry farming I had no freaking idea what I was doing.

We bought the farm and had no mentor. No one to guide us. Bam. Just like that. We were the proud owners of an 8 acre blueberry farm that was previously a commercial farm.

So on the first year I just did a little trick farming I had a few people hired to pick berries for me. My mom and I sorted them at night.

Sometimes we’d still be at the farm sorting and packaging berries at midnight. Man. Those were the days.

During the day, we had one of those canopy tents. We’d load it and the berries up and head out to the end of the road and sit by the highway.

Thank goodness the farm is just off a really busy highway. Right on the Mississippi Alabama line. So we catch a ton of traffic in the summer.

Most folks are from Texas or Arkansas headed to the beach for vacation. So we’d sit out by the highway allllll day long! In the mid June early July south Mississippi heat.

Trying to catch the attention of beach goers with my homemade ‘fresh blueberries for sale’ signs lined down the sides of the highway. It was awful.

hammer%20farm The next year we built a little roadside produce trailer.
A huge improvement from the crappy old pop up canopy tent that would nearly blow over at the sight of an 18 wheeler blowing by at 70 miles per hour.

This new setup was legit. We built it out of a small trailer. Put a roof on it. Fold out shelves for displays.

Annndddd we have a generator with a fan! This was amazing progress!

A huge improvement before I opened the farm to the public for u pick. Started going to a couple farmers markets… had it going on!

          The next couple of years are kind of a blur.

Man so many things happened. So many things changed!

I started selling to a few grocery stores and produce stands, got into more farmers markets, food buying clubs, csa partnerships, met a ton of people, made so many connections for new opportunities, continually expanding the farm—it has been a wild ride.

Then there’s the now.

Dude. I’m building a website, making these YouTube videos, shipping products all over the United States. It’s in freakin sane.

Who would have ever dreamed
I’d be here when I was sitting beside the highway peddling blueberries sweating my balls off.

But all of this has happened because I was consistent.

Never gave in to the resistance. Never gave in to the challenges. The set backs.

The mistakes. The bad seasons. The disappointments.

Because let me tell you, there have been some. Nothing in life that’s worth having is free easy or cheap!

Have I ever wanted to give up on farming? Absolutely.

It’s hard work.

Sometimes it really sucks. But I love it. Even when it sucks.

Do I have to drag myself out of the house every morning to water, roll up the green house and do my chores for the day?

Sometimes yes.

Well if I’m completely honest. Most days yes.

I have to fight resistance just like everyone else.

Oh the resistance. It’s huge.

You just have to fight through it. Get over it and get shot done.

If you want something bad enough there’s not enough resistance in the world to stop you. You just have to want it.

The path to greatness can’t be blocked if you are consistent. It’s not always fun. Hell life isn’t always fun.

When you finally accept that as the truth, you’ll be much better off.

It makes it so much easier to be happy with what you have in the moment. You can’t chase goals just for the high at the end when you achieve something.

You’ll be on a never ending roller coaster of disappointments.

You need to be happy with the grind. The sweat. The tears.

The work that it takes to get what you want.

You need to be happy with the process.

Find joy in what it takes being consistent. And the person you become through consistency.

Let’s face it. The process and the work that it takes to achieve a goal can take years. But the celebration only lasts for a very short time.

Think%20abt%20it So think about this today
Where do you need to be more consistent?

What areas of your life are lacking consistency?

How can you make changes to those areas?
Is it finances, parenting, your job, working towards goals, your relationships?

Do a little soul searching.

Figure out what changes you need to make to be more consistent and do it!

Now is the time!

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I am too working with berries and growing their for already 5 years. I spent a long time looking for a harvesting machine , and finally bought it .The first harvest brought me a lot of profit and I decided to expand my farm and bought another hectare of land and built on it steel rafters and buildings ( ) for storing the crop .Also that offers convenient options for fixing and hanging your equipment.Now I can be proud and be sure that I will definitely cope with my business and collect all the harvest on time…

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