Major Streamed Events - Which Ones to Stream with YOU?


Hey guys. I know many of you were part of the Mayweather vs McGreggor fight which was absolutely epic.

I’d love to get your feedback around BIG EVENTS that I should stream with the #cryptonation!

For example, I’ll be streaming the APPLE ANNOUNCEMENT coming up this week. Eating popcorn and hanging with you guys!

What other MAJOR events are coming up? Let us know!

Please provide dates and a link so I can research!

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Fork events?

Ether fork upcoming and possible fork with Bitcoin in November?


Ummmm Cowboys vs Giants Sunday night football tomorrow!!


drop dates and links please so I can look up and move schedules around if it’s important!

Btw. Can be any special event. As long as its live and I can watch with you guys!


Bitcoin fork - No hard date yet except in November.
Ether fork - Oct 9 i believe unless something goes wrong with test net. Tentative dates thus far


UFC events are usally a great time!

Here is the link to their schedule


You could probably challenge your thumbs down record with the right WWE Event.


Let’s do it. Let’s troll


That uppercut though was a nice one right…


We should probably reinstate this.


SXSW blockchain specific events if it’s possible. Do they live stream events?