Making Those Purchases on YEN!


@heavilyarmedclown just made the biggest transaction on YEN today… ever!

What a great DCA Friday!



Oh heck no! Just wait till I get on, I’ll do $251!!!


Only Coinbase available with Yen?


Wohoo, @heavilyarmedclown is the first official whale! Congrats!


We’re going to hold you to that… :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, you two did a really good job with Yen. Not apart of the beta, but I can definitely see the work put forth in it. Getting ready for mass adoption? I think so :bitrocket: .


For right now, correct. We’re quickly planning on more integrations as we stabilize our technology and build out more features! The feedback has been great!


Can someone please explain to me what is?

I’ve looked a few times, and all I see are very vague statements that say “social exchange”, or links to long Patreon videos that I don’t have time to watch. I’ve also seen a few other people ask.

Hoping someone can clarify this for me, and for anyone else who is curious about the project, yet hasn’t had the time to look into it!


Plainly, it’s a social network for the decentralized community, built from the ground-up with the needs (i.e. features) of cryptocurrency users in mind.

That’s where we start… but not where we end.

YEN Community Driven Whitepaper


Would this be a competitor to Steemit. Either way, how does Yen differ?


Is there an option to make purchases private and is there an additional fee when purchasing through yen?


“Twitter with exchange API”.


I don’t think it is a direct competitor to Steemit because it is much bigger in terms of use cases. And that use cases can differ from each individual. With steemit you get paid to create and curate content where as with that is just one of many use cases.
Privacy is one of its use cases too. @Lance. You will have to ability to make your purchase private / share with certain groups or even share it to all the people you follow.
If you are a person with a certain expertise and you want to create an economy from it, you can create a paid group ( where people pay to get in the group to view your post)
There are many use cases i can think of for (decentralized social exchange). Ask us more!


I don’t see #yen as a competitor as it’s functionally very different.


This is actually a pretty accurate description… as of today…! Long-term, we’re going to be much, much more! I can’t wait!


What are peoples thoughts on displaying how much Crypto you buy? Not since the Beetconnect days have I seen any Youtuber show off how much Crypto they buy.

I personally would not want to show anyone my purchases. I don’t understand why anyone would but maybe I’m missing something…?


John I appreciate you need to keep your cards close to your chest but can you give us a snippet of what else Yen could possibly feature in the future?


This is the part that confusing me. Why does the potential user demographic have to ask such basic questions? I’m an active Pub member, and even I don’t know what it is.

Also, I hope no one thinks I’m trolling. I genuinely want to know more, and a bit curious as to why everything is so vague. It’s quite likely that this project is intentionally a mystery while it’s still in early development, but if not, then things definitely need to be clarified.

I think an open dialogue can be helpful. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Side note, the layout deign looks very clean John. It has just enough detail to keep it from being boring, yet basic enough that it’s clean and concise. :ok_hand:


You have a point here. Maybe there should be an option to just display which crypto you bought without the exact amount shown as an alternative


I’m sure that will be implemented… Everyone is different and maybe in a bull market you want to know how much of x token your favourite YouTuber is buying but the average person might not want to expose themselves like that.