Making Those Purchases on YEN!


I am pretty sure it is because john follows collin. Collin made the purchase and hasn’t changed his post view settings from default.


The project should definately be discussed in a closed demographic beacuse it has not gone live yet to the public.
There are a lot of conversation happening within those closed demographic. You of all people should know because you are a member of patreon. If you are not getting more juicy insight of the project, I suggest you level up the pledge. Yooo .


Saying “pay more to know more” is sort of counter productive when your potential users/subscribers aren’t sufficiently educated about the project to see the value.

And that’s where we’re at right now. I support Peter and John, and admire their ambitions. I know they’re up to something potentially awesome, but it’s hard to get excited when I don’t know what that something is. It’s for that reason that I want to know more, and am asking for clarification.

I know first hand that I’m not alone here. I know a few Pub members who debated leveling up their Patreon levels, but didn’t know enough about the project to justify it. Granted it sounds like the project is just still under lock and key. And if so, that’s totally fine. I just want to make sure that this is intentional, and not an accidental disconnect.


A large part of this is how we’re building it… which is what @peter calls Community-Driven Development. In other words, we’re building the base system with a few core features in mind but are leaning very heavily into the community to get feedback on what we should build next and when.

We’ve given a lot of this information in Patreon which you may have missed so that’s entirely fine - we know a lot of folks are busy and many folks on Patreon are asking similar questions.

It’s also worth noting that you also may not be part of the demographic that will be best served, so, that’s entirely fine too! It doesn’t need to be for everyone.


We’ve shared a ton on Patreon and on livestreams as well… there are some ecommerce features and private groups that are some of the larger feature sets that we want to implement soon. Also, an internal “coin” or currency is also in play.

As I’ve mentioned to @Nathan_D, a lot of this is going to be dependent on the users and community that finds this project interesting and want to engage. We’ll build what the users want.


This is not true at all. It’s not under lock and key, but i understand that’s your perception of the project. We’ve been very candid and transparent through Patreon. But, i can see how that’s missed at times.


Is there a flat earth thread yet? :troll: No one ever fully understood my first SSL website, no matter how many times I concisely rewrote it. I will buy on


Not sure yet. We’re quite literally discussing this right now.


What about a single concise video or article that outlines the basics of whatever you’re willing to disclose? Basically a one-stop-shop where us clueless folk can get up to speed without sifting through months of Patreon posts and videos? I just know how hard you and Peter are working, and feel like there are a lot of us who are totally out of the loop. I may be wrong about the disconnect, but if there is, it could be very easily solved!


I know i flaked on patreon but i’ve found the details vague as well…


But you just missed what I wrote above… that’s not how we built this community and not how we’re building … it’s community-driven so creating a “concise” video that outlines the product would essentially be impossible as it’s changed a lot even within the last week! We’ve gotten great feedback from early testers who have already made the product better!

In fact, over 42 fixes and improvements within the last week alone:

in other words, the details are “vague” because we’re building it in real-time with community-driven feedback… but my description of it initially is still true:

It’s a social network for cryptocurrency folk.

If that isn’t simple enough or clear… I’m not sure how much more I can be! For those that are unsatisfied with this… well, they can just wait until it goes public!


Community driven means that the project evolves based on the needs and feedback of it’s users. It doesn’t mean that it needs to be a mystery. You’re a developer, and a tech savvy guy. You know what “social exchange” means, and you can see the endless possibilities in your head. The problem however, is that not everyone shares your background, nor can most of us see your vision without further explanation.

All I know is that there are thousands of crypto projects out there, and when I do my research, if I can’t figure out what a project is in the first minute, then I move on. I want to like Yen, but without at least some sort of generalized outline, it becomes lost.

I won’t beat a dead horse here, as I feel I’ve already offered my constructive criticism. I’ll obviously support you guys either way, and will simply wait until it goes public. :rocket:


So cool that out of all the cryptocurrency projects out there, NONE of them, are as community driven, and updated LIVE utilizing the feedback of the end users for the millions of future users.


… but i never used that language here in this thread…! I did say social network though. If there’s no room for one of those in your world… then, totally cool! And, you’re right… there are 1,000+ projects out there so you have so many more (better…?!) options available.



I think I could say:

  • we have probably posted 30+ hours of content on patreon that touches on all the aspects of Yen.
  • we have posted 20+ posts on just UI/UX alone showing all the functions and features as well as our thinking around why we are doing what we are doing.

But, it seems you don’t have time to watch or read them. I get it. Life!

Can’t wait to go public with it. We have 30+ people giving us so much feedback daily on it. They are the best!

You will know when it goes public!


FWIW… really appreciate your support and the dialogue here. I don’t take offense as we can always do a better job of communicating the things that we’re building. Thank you for that.


Thanks for saying that. Constructive criticism is tricky sometimes. On one hand, I want to provide feedback, yet I don’t want to sound overly critical or disrespectful. Conversely as developers, you want feedback, yet you don’t want to feel like your work is unappreciated. It’s a tough dynamic, yet I feel these dialogues are important. Especially early on.


It is… it truly is. Appreciate the civility.


:slight_smile: I should stick to reading. haha


I absolutely agree on this, it must be entirely optional otherwise i don’t see it as an advantage here.
Not everyone’s local laws are in favour of crypto and when you have a decentralised public exchange the info is out there for whoever is willing to collect it and analyse it which is ok for me personally as long as I know and have the ability to control what I share.
Like Andrea said, disclose the amount of bitcoin or crypto you own as an early adopter because when shit hit the fans and you moon hard people would look at your previous holdings with wide eyes and you’ll definitely attract criminals around you.