Making Those Purchases on YEN!


John and Peter have been actively engaging with the patreons for Months now through Sunday sermons and random chats on discord (most of it is recorded and posted on patreon) about the possibilities of yen and what we can do on it plus bringing the cohorts up to speed of what we need to do to crush it on yen for ourselves

i understand the people who are not active on discord as much as some of us may not understand why were so hyped on yen right now

i think there will be 50 or so patreon quarter masters to be on boarded onto yen for testing breaking stuff and feedback
some of the cohorts will do a welcome video also which may outline what youre looking for what yen is all about

the seeds of imagination have been planted and the forest of opportunity is endless


I can hardly contain my excitement. I can’t wait to see what it looks like, it’s like Christmas.


Is the yen rocket boarding, or will the reveal be drifting and burnouts on stage?
In other words, I feel like I am missing an investment opportunity?


You can already see what it looks like, silly.
No poops allowed though.


No investment opportunity, but there will be cake. Sign up to be on the shortlist.


Lol I’m waiting. Don’t spoil it for me.


not really… but, the earlier you jump-in the better… i’ll just leave it at that.


Watch this… should give you a good idea of (1) of many different features…


so strong! $300 transacted on yen from @Hexdek16!!!


this is fun
community building

lets do this