Malta Blockchain Summit



I hate linkedin. But, this is probably one of the most honest reviews of any blockchain conference I’ve seen in a while!


I like LinkedIn.

I dislike booth babes.

What are STO’s?


Security Token Offerings… institutional grade options.


i can imagine coz in the current state of cryptos i wouldnt invest in an ico again, coz it was kind of shocker to see a coin like bezant go from ico price 10 cents go to 16 and then to 1,5, now back at 4+ but still

you predicted it well at the end of 2017


cut you loss for break even and switch to XRP :man_shrugging:



dat ripple nipple tho


The worlds a stage my friend and profit is profit :pound::dicaprio1:


Don’t watch that XRP :money_mouth_face: