Manipulation? Good or bad for little guys

I have been watching the weekly and daily trends as we all do. Based on news I heard this week, it appears that some one or group has been engineering the rise and fall of BTC price in a range of about $1000 or so for some time. They buy at the lows near $6000 and run it up to over $7000 per BTC before selling, causing the next drop back to $6000 range.
Profit is about 16%. Then rinse and repeat. That strategy can double the value in about 5 weeks or less.
Question is whether little players can time their trades to ride these waves up and down profitably. Seems doable. Ready for next step.


I think its great… buy the dips and take profit…
Small bags can, will, and are growing…


You can win, but you have to stay on top of it. I’m a “small guy” and I’m winning. As long as you have a plan and you stick to it and not trade on emotion or making trigger decisions when something happens you didn’t plan for.

Using stop losses helps with the manipulation factor but also gets you into trouble with early stop outs when the whales go stop/loss hunting. What I tend to do is set stop losses generously when I’m away from computer and not watching and remove them when I am watching and deal with things in real time.

I also tend to have my trend lines identified and drawn for days or weeks ahead. I bet you’ve seen my BTC/USD chart posted in all it’s glory a few times…the newest lines on this one are the yellow ones, which came into play, about a month ago at this point.

Once you have a general grasp of what’s going on in the big cycle, then you can plan more effectively what you’re doing at the smaller cycles. I do a bit of day trading and swing trading, so I follow people on Trading View that are pretty sharp about what they’re doing and not just herd followers or fly-by-seat-of-pants investors with no visible track record. A few to mention:

  • MarcPMarkets
  • goldbug1

Just recognize they’re all human and do make mistakes too, just as I do. I lost 15% this past week because I didn’t quite manage stop/losses and getting out of positions when I knew full well we were entering the danger zone on BTC/USD, so I spent the last few days just hustling to get back that 15% loss. I HATE it when I lose and I think that’s a good attitude to take into the game.

At the end of the day, the degree to which you can operate on your own, making your own decisions and not making your trade calls based on what somebody else here says you should do, the better off you’ll fare at making a profit in trading and investing. The day you can easily sell a stock/token that’s going DOWN with intent to buy it right back up, thereby boosting your position at no additional BTC’s is the day and understand why that actually worked and then repeat the process over and over is the day you’re truly winning in this market.


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