March 11th, 2019 - ROLL CALL! - The Most




We have new members here everyday. Why not introduce them? :point_down:

New Member Spotlight

Let’s welcome these awesome new members! :bitrocket:.

The New Members!

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Monday is the day to start anew! :bitrocket: .

The things you do everyday, the challenges you face, it’s best to get the most out of them.

Have a favorite video game you play? Any activities in your free time? If you notice, things fly by when you’re having fun.

You want to get the most of what you can out of these times, as there will always be more important matters to attend to. Nothing lasts forever (at least not in a literal sense!).

That being said, the important matters aren’t to be ignored either. Get the most you can out of those as well, because they will shape who you are, and form into the success that you wish to become.




Yoo We have a new friend in the PUB

Welcome @WolfWarrior :beers:

B90X and is the best place to start your journey in the PUB

and don’t forget to sign up to

and once again Welcome @WolfWarrior