Marketing for CryptoYum Release


@john I just saw your email about the upcoming CryptoYum release and it’s very exciting! The screenshots look great! :slight_smile:

Any chance y’all are looking for video and/or animation for promoting the release?


i mean, i’d love that, but, we didn’t have any plans to put it together…


I think short adverts could go a long way for getting more traction on the release. Of course, google is throwing a monkey wrench into that potential, but Steemit and Dtube are still open for business.

Maybe find a really successful Dtuber to purchase a 30 sec ad spot (many advertisers resort to paying per view or engagement).

Additionally, a quick, professional tutorial walkthrough could also help tremendously in gaining adoption.

Lately I’ve been working on Hacken animated GIFs, as well as some of projects I’m not allowed to talk about yet, but I’ve got the time if you find a need.


sweet! i’d love some help as we get closer… and you can always feel free to start putting things together!


I think this is probably the the right place to ask this question I have since it has to do with product marketing… it’s a general question that isn’t apparently clear and generally hard to find anywhere. But, I think it’s a pretty important and fundamental for folks to understand… that question is:

What is #cryptoyum?

Am I missing something somewhere on the pub or on Patreon? Thanks guys!


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