Masternodes Hosting Made Easy... Are you ready?


Setup Masternodes launched it’s manual services to provide support for any Investor that wants to easily deploy a masternode for their supported coin without any experiences in Linux VPS or Technical Knowledge required to run a masternode.

This team has saved people time and money with the Setup and Hosting of Masternodes since May of 2018. The average time spent on getting a masternode to run for a new user is about 14 days time. That is quite a bit of missed rewards for any investor, and a lot of time spent working on it. They narrowed down the time spent to about 1 hour of time for the users. Once the main VPS is setup, the user is engaged to finalize the configuration.

Any investor can simply go to site and make a payment using BTC and altcoins

The team has been preparing the new solution with a free account platform that allows users to click and deploy masternodes with backend support provided by the same Setup Masternodes team. Instead, this will streamline the process to avoid time constraints involved in the process to Setup Masternodes - making it user friendly for anyone with or without crypto currency experience.

The features to come are as follows:

  • Free accounts to deposit funds
  • Choose to deploy any masternode nearly instantly at anytime
  • Decide on a setup only or hosting management plan
  • Avoid any technical experiences required with masternodes setup and hosting management
  • Full dashboard access to manage the masternodes
  • Investor statistics and analytics reportings
  • Referral programs to earn money (coming soon)

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I will tag into what we are learning about Masternodes.

If you are familiar with Mining, I assume most people here are miners, then you will understand the concept of a Masternode. You earn an income on a regular basis based on the Payout structure provided by each independent coin developers. We recommend you research what the Developers have programmed as a payout structure for the particular masternode you wish to run.

The differences between Mining and Masternodes are simple -
Mining requires Electricity charged at a high cost, and Physical Mining Equipment.
Masternodes requires a VPS, and ownership for the required amount of coins to run a masternode.

Some coins require 1,000 and they can go up to 500,000 coins required to run a Masternode.

When it comes to mining, you do not need to purchase a set requirement of coins, instead, you would put your investment towards hardware that you need.

I hope this gives some insight to this community when it comes to defining Masternodes


The team behind Setup Masternodes is working eagerly to help the community that isn’t as technical when it comes to knowing how to run a VPS server and how to setup a Masternode.

This is where the team comes in, and makes it really handy for the investors to get into masternodes


Sharing more graphical content to spread awareness of what it is Setup Masternodes and the team does for the community