Maybe I need to Smoke 🌱 More... 🤔

I struggle with anxiety and clinical depression. It’s a daily battle.


Being in this industry since 2010, and having PTSD and related anxiety myself, I can say it absolutely does help!
I Medicate regularly to stay healthy :slight_smile:


Weed can distress, but it also makes you satisfied. Satisfied is the last feeling you want when you’re a coder or developer. You need that ambition. My buddy smokes everyday from home and literally doesn’t ever do shit. He’s watched me get my degree, get numerous jobs and promotions and he’s still doing the same shit and living at his mom’s house.

He is not one out of a million. The majority of people I know who started smoking weed out of high-school are not far ahead or behind the same road, most of them now do much harder drugs. I struggled with the problem myself for years.


Thats not for everyone my friend. I have multiple businesses I have and do run, I wake up at 4 am every day, go to bed around 11pm work in between that, so to say were all lazy loafs is really insulting and you need to not generalized based on your 1 friend. I started when i was 14. Some people get out of that fuzz and start getting creative with their lives, others dont. Also being in this industry for many years seen Tons of successful dedicated people who have huge success! So to generalize that were all lazy is narrow minded. There are also Sativas which are able to increase function and energy in the consumer. Your friend could be smoking mostly INDICA or Hybrids over 60% indica which will have a Sedative effect… Thats not to say there are many people like your friend who smoke what they can get, but in the medical end of things we educate that some are best for day time and working, and some are best for night time and getting a good sleep. Its a balance thing, and it always boils down to who the person is :slight_smile: And i bet all those friends who went off indo harder drugs and not doing much probably were heavy into something called Alcohol too? Cause that shit has far worse effects than this plant lol! Most people end up completely unable to use simple body functions lol.


Bro, I smoked weed like 20 minutes ago. I’m just saying: The weed community is WAAAAY too pro-weed lol.
It definitely effect productiveness.


Everyones brains are different so its very individual how people react to weed. It also depends on the strain I would say. I smoke like every second weekend just enjoying a good time with my freinds and i feel no side effects at all. Smoking all day, every day could possibly trigger some lazyness, but then again its different :wink:


Did wonders for me, but i think it comes with intent.

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Puahahah yo dat :seedling::rocket::relieved:

look into CBD as well as THC (for depression) but more so CBD for your anxieties…


I don’t smoke but I know how to make butter and pork belly soup with it. Food and plants are best for a relaxing day. :rofl:


You should try vaping. It personally helped me somehow to reduce the impact of anxiety on my mental health, it worked kinda like a sedative. You can order from, they’ve got good products. Try, it will not affect your health and you’ll see how you feel after that.

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Remember that smoking is harmful for health!

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