McGregor Vs Nurmagomedov


Is this a staged event with two bad actors? I think it might be…


Conor is one bad motherfucker! I hope he wins, he’s good for the sport. He’s cocky, confident, charismatic but he backs it up where it matters!

Khabib is an animal of course but I personally don’t like that wrestling element in MMA - if I ran UFC, I’d have a no wrestling rule. Everyone stands and fight!

Totally different fighters but both offensive. Like everyone’s said, if Khabib can take Conor down and keep him there then it’s game over for Conor. It won’t be easy because on the way to taking him down, Khabib might run into that left of Conor’s!


I’ll probably have Just finished work by the time It starts so might stay up and watch it


I heard it might be 3am by the time the main event starts… Gotta find a way to keep myself awake :cloud_with_snow:


Get on the night shifts like me hah!


But yeah I heard heavy snow storms due tonight :eyes::eyes:


I have two young boys so every night is a night shift :sob:

EDIT - Sons… I have two sons. Just for clarification :joy:


Haha, thanks for that clarification. I’m lucky enough not to have kids, hence why I try work most weekends, easy work though. I’m TM so get a lot of time to chill out at work



Yeah sometimes I want that old life but they’re my life now.

Whats your feeling about this fight mate?


Want mcgregor to win. But I’m not massive on UFC. Just following the hype :joy:

How about you


Always into MMA and love the Conor hype. He needs to win as I’m not a fan of fighting on the ground and I want his hype to Moon :joy:

Maybe get him to hype ICX! Instant Green Candle!


I agree he is cocky and confident, but did you see him before Floyd Mayweather TKO’d him? Same crazy emotions. Same hype. Why is that fight not on his record? I look up his fight record and no one is recording the Mayweather 10th round TKO that happened on August 26, 2017. Conner has 4 losses, not 3 and Nurmagomedov is undefeated…



We all know that was a piss take of a fight though


Yeah agreed with Max. It should be recorded yes but it was a bit of a joke money grab fight wasn’t it. Business men making millions… That’s it.

Khabib is a beast but his opponents haven’t been as high calibre as Conors. He’s certainly favorite though but I’m hoping for a conor win


They pocketed a half billion dollars between them (350 and 150 million), Its crazy the media won’t talk about it and it is not on his record, I wonder if that was part of the agreement if he lost.


Wouldn’t surprise me. Connor must have known he would have no chance haha


He acted just like he has been this fight though… If it goes to the ground Conner is in trouble… Not saying Kahbib is great because I don’t know if he has fought anyone as crazy or determined as Conner… dude is an animal


Who we backing for the Fury v Wilder fight??

I’m for the gypsy king! Wilder ain’t gonna land a punch!



Wilder has 19 knockouts in the first round, as well as having stopped every opponent he has faced. That is very difficult to call


Tyson fury is undefeated, if it’s a boxing match Fury will win hands down. He can’t let it turn into a fight