Meca Coin - Blockchain Casino ICO on the ICON Network

Meca Coin is a Decentralised Blockchain based Casino operated by players themselves and they will earn profit.

This ICO will be built on the ICON Network and we are at very early stage!

The prize chip is paid 100% through Smart Contract. The result of game, prize chip and the chip transfer history are saved as registry at distributed ledger.

MECA Casino provides the best entertainment service. It supports desktop and mobile version based on HTML5. It will support all casino games including 7 games (table games and slot machines) which are currently development completed.

Players will be our partner based on decentralized business model.

For me one of the most exciting things about it is the fact that if you are a Masternode on this project, you are basically running your very own Casino!

More details on token metrics, dates, etc to follow.

Their Telegram Group is super small so let’s show them what exposure to Pub can do for their project!


Take note of this as well :exploding_head:

MECA Casino’s strategic partner, ME2ON Group is a mobile based Social Casino company listed on KOSDAQ. ME2ON Group has more than 70 million users in North America, Europe and Asia. It has achieved a remarkable record of 10 million monthly users and over 3 million daily users.


Interest peaked…especially if they support sports waggering


That’s an interesting project. Something new in the poker industry.


But what’s your revenue from this project? It’s a great project from the players’ point of view and it will be a sure success if what you’re saying is true. For years the casino owner stole tons of money from the players so having an online casino that every player can control would be great. I hope now the win percentage will grow. You cannot trust any casino. Now I’m playing slots, after a lot of years of poker, and I think I found the best online casino that I played till now. Hope it will be so and in the future.

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How promising is this?

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