Meditation: 90 day Challenge

Day 178: I think it’s time to sleep. Did trigger point foam roller, massage ball and then finished with meditation, sleepy I am.

Day 179: Longer session. Sleepy now

I’ve just tried 5 minute guided meditation session with the Heaspace app.

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Wow that’s awesome! What were your impressions? Is this your first time trying meditation?

Day 180: 6 months already… crazy. It just feels so natural now.

Day 181: I stayed up too late now I am going to bed. Happy Med Sesh

Day 182: another short sesh, and bedtime

Day 183: Still loving it

Day 184: Pub was down last night for some reason I was unable to post this.

Day 185: Just a late night with me and the Corgis

Day 186: Super tired early today. Still going to bed late.

Day 187: Anotha one!

Day 188: Why can’t I just go to sleepp earlier?!

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Day 187: I got sick tonight so I did meditation early and I am going to bed earlier tonight as well

Day 188: I got work in a few hours

Day 189: completed, imagine when i hit a year

Day 190: I stayed up to late working on increasing my typing speed. lol

Day 191: Felt sick tonight, time to reset internal time clock anyways. Bed early!

Day 192: wanted to go to bed earlier but got caught up looking into school options

Day 193: new short session trial

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