Meditation: 90 day Challenge

Day 233: Did day 3 of my synctuition. "Vacation is what it was called. Nice session, wish I had something more comfortable like a zero gravity chair type thing those beds have… also need to stretch because my legs are tight and its uncomfortable.

Day 234: Happy to be back on my long sessions again. They’ve def made a big difference compared to shorter ones, and I also like them because I have to go to bed earlier since they are so long. Didn’t do a synctuition one today though

Day 235: real jittery and just wanted to head to bed, and it’s hot now…Short Sesh

Day 236: Did a 25 min session again today on Synctuition. I was great until about ~15 minutes in then I started getting a little twitchy uncomfortable, but overall great.

Day 237: I did a remake of a long Synctuition, but i halved it for tonight

Day 238: Just gonna do a short session tonight, had to take doggy in to the emergency clinic and it’s been a stressful day, I just want to sleep.

Day 239: another short session, taking off work prob the next few days.

Day 240: Another late night, another short sesh

Day 241: Session are sessions are sessions. Get em done, got em done.

Day 242: The world is very interesting right now, thankfully we have meditation. Maybe everyone should stay home for 2 weeks, meditate and chill out. Looking at you TP hoarders

Day 243: another “quarantined” day aka staycation. Short sesh and bedtime

Day 244: another long night, at least another week at home. short sesh tonight

Day 245: Trying to call it a little earlier tonight. still late. short-med sesh tonight

Day 246: Short session tonight, gotta stop staying up so late.

Day 247: I lied, i did it again. Just never enough time, but I want to wake up early.

Day 248: I actually wanted to go to bed earlier since i woke up at 1pm today. Need to seriously set my hours. Did a short session, bedtime now.

Day 249: Got caught in the youtube endless loop again. Managed to somewhat stop it, just going to have to watch the others ive saved later. Some are stupid, entertainment dopamine sessions. Others are informative of financial and other situations. Youtube does manage to capture multiple hours, but most of them are educational and informative. I even do some meditation sessions via YT. Anyways, short sesh because I need to go to bed earlier.

Day 250: nope, i didnt… i stayed up. BUT, i finished meditation. Now I sleep

Day 251: Slowly working my way to bed earlier. Did my meditation, ready for sleep.

Day 252: Slept a whopping 12 hours, Not really tired at all but just did my short session so going to head to bed. My biggest problem with staying up late is I seem to get uncomfortable and restless. I really need to break the youtube habit after getting off games.

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