Meet the Counter Strike e-sports team where everyone is over 60 years old



So g… I’ve been slowly building my LoL team via friends list, hehehe. No clan yet, trying to spend time on other more certain gains. Back burner dreaming though, hehe.


I love this and think it is awesome. I hope my gaming passion sticks around that long. Got another 20 years or so before I could join them lol.

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Haha, this is so nice! I can see myself in the future! This is who I am going to become. When I will be 60 years old I will still be sitting in front of my old computer playing this awesome legendary game! I love Counter Strike Global Offensive so much! I am really good at this game, I have the highest rank - Global Elite. Of course I am gonna play worse when I will be old, but there is always a salvation for such situations - ! These guys are boosting ranks, and I am sure that I am going to use this kind of services some day :smiley:

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