MEMEs that made you laugh


I know right? Same people getting upset about football players kneeling. Come on! When did kneeling and smiling become criminal?


It’s just a clever way to divide the general population.


@rnwCorgi @CryptoMykel




Chimken nugger fishe



Hahaha :rofl::pregnant_woman::kick_scooter:


Pretty sure Marx dealt with economy and labor, but not police violence. Either way, I’ll roll with it.


Seriously? Three pictures somehow justifies your claim? I could just as easily post pictures of white kids holding guns (some of them prior to shooting up schools).

This is a fucking MEME posting thread. Leave bigotry out of it.

  1. Three shitty pictures isn’t a valid argument. If you have actual facts, then next time consider using them.

  2. This is not the place for such discussions. Take it elsewhere.

  3. Name calling is for children.

  4. I didn’t report you, nor have I ever reported anyone.

  5. I am not an admin. I demoted myself months ago.


time for @Cozy and @Nathan_D to chill the fuck out.


just can’t help yourself Hans.

You salty because Nathan isn’t a mod anymore :joy:


The meme thread is sacred ground on the pub. Respect these halls.


Time to get back to the MEMEs.







When you’re having a good time and your friends start being salty killing the vibe.












That fold the dishes one is really funny.


@Cozy - take a chill. you’ve been silenced for a week. have a good time.


indeed. i LOLed
i have a buddy i can imagine trying to do just that :joy: