MEMEs that made you laugh



Lol @Kemba_Walker has the same picture as @Cozy … Coincidence?




same IP too lol imagine that…dude had 4 accounts. Gotta wonder what motivates some people…My guess is HANS!


Hans must have been accounting for a ton of traffic…

The irony of all these libertarians bitching about being censored on youtube, but then going full Nazi the second they get message board admin rights is a deep deep deep irony

if you cant defeat a basic vpn, then you can’t ever stop people from taking a whole 3 mins to make an account

the numbers speak for themselves, stop clowning yourselves, but I doubt you will because the sense of belonging you get from ip banning and being a yen fanboi may be the greatest power and sense of belonging you may ever have, which is really sad.

the lack of balance here and the pack mentality of the in crowd, truly makes this site, other than the price thread and mining thread, a complete joke

stay super cool, retweet yourself often!


My new favorite meme



and then you fully make my point by using the admin function to manipulate an account

nobody on this site, or who registers for yen should take these people running either place serious, your information is not secure, they are complete amateurs.


You heard the talking baby folks!


you are totally clowning yourself, in hopes that the 3-7 people who normally pile on will come talk shit like an idiot to back you up.

you and the rest of the ppl running this site are fundamentally unserious people


That’s kinda the idea there baby

you and the rest of the ppl running this site are fundamentally unserious people

I for one am glad you finally figured things out

And now for your regularly scheduled memes






What the fuck happened to the meme page anyway :joy:


Hans is what happened :joy:


lol I probably didn’t help either.

I actually get a kick out of MEMEs that joke at social issues, such as racism, gender equality, etc. They’re serious issues, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to joke about them. All harmless.

But as soon as Han’s started pushing his agenda without MEMEs…and it even so much as hinted at race related issues… I tilted.

Sorry! :rofl:


Haha tbh you don’t normally just do something unprovoked.

Most of it’s been deleted so I can’t anything!


10 year challenge



back to memeing!